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February 09, 2010



Great post. Can't wait to listen.


Great review once again Rich: btw "Morning Bird," is my favorite track too!


I can't get past the awful photoshopping on the cover. What the hell did they do to her back?


Beautifully written post, Rich. Without having listened to the album, I already feel a connection.

Bonus: Watching her perform live on BET's 106 & Park (Can those children be saved after all??????????????).

Will those children be saved after all


Great post, and I'm new to this blog and really enjoy it.

This album is classic Sade - I wouldn't expect anything else. I don't tune into her for surprises :-)


I used to listen to Sade a lot as a kid (Love Deluxe in particular), and as a result I think she had a huge hand in my creative growth and my image of sexuality. I'm so freaking excited about this album.


They were playing Promise at a restaurant last week. Aside from a few instrument sounds, it still feels timeless. I started talking about how good Lover's Rock was and how infrequent Sade's releases are.

I am so excited to hear about this new one. If it weren't for this blog it probably would have been 2 more years before I found out.


Uh . . . so you like it?


I must get a copy. I have loved her since the beginning, and listened to "Smooth Operator" (my favourite song to sing at karaoke) 3x last week for no particular reason and was thinking: "I'd love a new Sade album" not knowing that one was imminent!


Damn Lover;s rock came out in 2000?

I bought that album 7 years late then...


"cherish the day" :)


Brilliant review Rich!


It's probably good to be wary of complaints of fame but I don't get bothered by them. The way I see it, everyone complains about their job. There's no such thing as a job that doesn't have something about it that sucks. That's why someone's paying you to do it instead of doing it themselves.

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There is such a big pause but anyway I am going to listen to their last album

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