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February 18, 2010



Wow, thanks for this, Rich! I COMPLETELY adore Celine Dion, hell yeah her music moves me to tears! I'll def. look into this! I need a good tear-jerker/inspirational type something to watch.


You must make another Celine video when this comes out! I demand it.


OMG erykah badu shoutout. je t'adore.


It's because of your previous video montage (as well as her appearances on Oprah and in Kathy Griffin's stand-up act) that oddly humanized her to me. I think she's like Mariah Carey in the vein that her wackiness is so real that it somehow makes her normal.


Unfortunately, I am genuinely a fan of Celine Dion as a musician. That helps to appreciate your posts about her even more. Loved it :)


dearest rich-

your post inspired me to do some research on this future classic- its out on DVD april 26 (i will gift it for life).
its playing in some theaters as of today.
i'll be seeing it in park slope tomorrow where it is weirdly playing only once a day at 2pm.

im strangely excited/appalled with myself.
my boyfriend wont get to see shutter island but it's his fault- he took me to see Celine at Caesars on the next to last week of her show.
and yes, i openly wept.

ill come back with my review of sorts later.



Good old crazy Celine, ya gotta hand it to her - what other diva can you name that would bother thanking someone for their souls?

Usually it's just slurp and burp.


...things to make up for all the games and the lies. Hallmark cards sayin I apologize. Is you wit me? How could you ever deceive me? My payback's a bitch motherfucker, believe me. Naw I ain't gay, this ain't no lesbo flow, just a lil somethin to let you motherfuckers know...


(sorry for the threadjack, but I really had to finish that verse) I love Celine Dion, and I think I love you, too.


Nice writing.


Lil Kim followed by Erykah. Well done, my liege.

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It's a shame all the rockstar are not like céline...

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