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February 11, 2010



This doc sounds really fascinating. As for why Tiffany still poses for pics with them? I wonder if it's just that she sees them now as being harmless, so why not? Who knows...


On the hunt for this, sounds great! Where do you find/hear about all of these amazing documentaries? Thank goodness for you- without your blog I would be seriously missing out. Looking forward to your ANTM weigh-in: Naduah, Ren and Simone ftw!


This writeup is the right balance of hilarious and uncomfortable. I was laughcringing all over the place.

Please don't use the word "hermaphrodite" to describe Kelly, though -- it's antiquated and offensive (as beautifully demonstrated by Jeff). You had it right with intersex.

Also, yeah, this whole business just makes me want another doc about what the hell is wrong with Tiffany that she appeared in this one. There Doesn't Seem to Be Anyone Around: One Woman's Devastating Fear?


thoroughly enjoyed your write up.
i had heard about this on pajiba, i think.


I thought the very first shot of the post WAS Tiffany. Phew.


I wasn't horrified or moved until Tiffo K-Hole. Thanks for keeping me sober.



OMG. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Must. See.

Pumping Irony

Girl, Tiffany's performing this Sunday at Splash! The spheres must be aligned.


I think if I saw this film it would make me question the my belief in humanity, similarly to how "Hapiness" did.


"It's the same question of exploitation that pops up with any documentary portrayal"

You might love the docu "Vakvagany" as much as I do, if you haven't seen it already. It skirts this issue (and some of the other issues of this film,) in a really morally ambiguous way. Good thinkin' for the brain.


I read this post after watching 30 Rock, where Jenna gets depressed because her stalker has lost interest in stalking her anymore. Synchronicity!


Thanks Rich, you've made my Friday morning! I'm always conflicted about whether to find these things funny or sad; your take on docs giving people the space they lack to talk about their obsessions is an interesting view.

@ slightly:

I had no idea the term hermaphrodite was considered offensive; I was just wondering why?


I believe Jeff was discussing his love for Alyssa Milano's pop cd's (from her secret Japanese pop career in the late 80s, early 90s).


He does also mention his love of her 'erotic art films' as well.


On the YouTube channel for this movie, there is a video of Jeff trying to tell his side of the story in the Alyssa Milano case. It's actually kind of sad, he really has no clue how repeatedly sending letters to someone you don't know could seriously scare them.

Thanks for the write up, by the way. It made me really want to see this as I'm a sucker for documentaries of all kinds.


@ M:

I googled around for a while trying to find a specific article, but my understanding is that it's one of those terms (like "mongoloid" describing people with Downs Syndrome) that has a use associated with fucked-up medical practices and attitudes. Intersex people used to be universally given involuntary surgery at young ages to make their genitalia "socially acceptable," often doing lasting harm to parts that had worked fine in the first place. When that stuff was going on, "hermaphrodite" was the term always used in medical literature.

One thing I also found was that the word "hermaphrodite"'s component parts implies that a person can have/be exactly 50% male and 50% female genitals, which isn't true. There's some more info here (from the Intersex Society of North America): http://www.isna.org/faq/hermaphrodite

Dominique St-Amand

Oh wow, now I have no choice but to watch this documentary!!


Jeff (and possibly Kelly, too) sounds like he suffers from a delusional disorder, specifically erotomania: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erotomania


WOW. Rich, this is pure gold. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Where did you get this? It's not available on Netflix yet.


I was with you until I saw Tiffany's participation. WOW, jaw dropper. Great post.

Bourgeois Nerd

There is also the charitable view that Tiffany just feels sorry for them.


I must see this and I can't find it. This devastates me!


First of all, my name is Tiffany so it was disturbing to see my name written so many times in this post. Secondly, this shit is fabulous! She probably entertains these people because she realizes that they are actually harmless and im sure its a thrill for her to know that anyone is obsessed with her at all :)


Thanks for posting about this Rich! Now, I must see this, immediately!


Bonus Awesome: Kelly's self-made Bally's denim fan jacket.


Thanks for this write up. If anybody is interested, the film will be available in the UK on March 8th, and in the US, Japan and Australia shortly after that. you can join the mailing list at www.ithinkwerealonenow.com if you want to be updated. that is all, as you were.

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