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Woot, bring it to Seattle!


i am so intrigued by this! where ever do you find these gems?


You may already know about this, but here's the website for the documentary:
It says they had 20 DVD's available back in August. I'm assuming they've all been sold by now. Damn.


Wow, I like this all images....There are many video and images available here so I read all ....
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This movie screened in my town and Jeff came to the screening! I tried not to make eye contact in the lobby, lest he get the wrong idea. He watched the documentary and laughed along with the rest of us. He answered questions at the end but I snuck out after a big because my secondhand embarrassment was killing me.

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Alyssa Milano is a gorgeous woman, talented as an actress and sexy as a female. Love her.

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Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I learn a lot, thank you! Wish you make a further progress in the future.


you said tiffany must have signed some form of release ... they filmed a lot of stuff over a period of several years. most of the tiffany footage they could not get permission to use. the early footage they got her permission to interview her but didn't say it was for a documentary about Jeff. I think that's where everything got off on the wrong foot.

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It's on Netflix Watch Instantly! Boo ya. Just watched it and t's one of the saddest scariest funniest things I've ever seen. An astonishing documentary.

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Thought this was the most amazing doco I have seen in ages...thanks for telling others about it too

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Incidentally, since watching this movie earlier this week, I've fallen into a Tiffo K-hole on YouTube

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I had remembered the witch as a young-ish man, kinda Pee-wee Herman-esque. Now she's a middle-aged woman! I remembered the hair differently,

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I've fallen into a Tiffo K-hole on YouTube, watching boring interviews conducted at malls and listening

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My dad was a police officer in the small town that we lived in.


excellant a teenage version !! wish it was on real tv tho an longer so i can have my fix :-) but fab all the same roll on nxt wk

Regina Swopes

I've become obsessed with this film. Prior to this movie, I had never heard of Tiffany. I must say that I was very impressed by the way she handled Jeff. I won't pretend to know her motives, but I suspect time may have lessened the raw terror she once had of him. Her brisk body language reveals a healty portion of caution. Further, she may have come to realize the role she plays in his life. Jeff seems well loved by his parents, and he is living a comfortable life; however, joy has never come within reach for him. The photos, her chili tolerance of his hugs, cheek kissing, and nano second chats were the only joy in his life--and she recognized it. Jeff has moved on, but I really admired her courage, strength of character, and generosity, and that of Ben George, to indulge him. The only word which captures her deportment is respect. All that being said, I would strongly encourage her to make sure that at least 3 states separate her from Kelly at all times. For a number of reasons, Kelly terrified me.

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