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February 22, 2010



Awwwwww... Winston is such a cutie! And so very awesome of you to include Sifl & Olly in the mix. It adds a nice touch to the bizarre yet undeniable lovableness that is Winston.

Oh and I need to say this: First!


For whatever reason, the video keeps pausing to buffer right as Winston's tongue gets caught in his fur, so it's this constant freeze-frame of "Ptuey!" Of course, that makes it even funnier.


I am totally mesmerized by this video! Your cat is truly magical...




"We"? I didn't know you had a lover! I wanted you to wait for me...oh well...


Cats have a thing about olive wood. Mine won't leave my olive wood cutting board alone!


LOVE it! And I thought my cat was weird for taking my bath robe hostage...


I live in my cats' apartment. It isn't mine. I've learned this.


How did the bowl make it to the bed???? Gotta love Winston!


I have a "special needs" Persian that reminds me of Winston. This video makes me smile that much more...

Smush-face kitties are the BEST!!!


Now that's fluff! Looks like it was an excellent day. Lovely.


The end shot is awesome, that little round face is priceless...take care!


i would totally reuse the bowl for food later. is that so wrong?

anna d.

I didn't think it was possible for Winston to get cuter, but him licking his paw is about the most adorable thing I've ever seen.


That sifl and olly song has been stuck in my head all day because of this video -- but thats ok because it's my favorite song that they did. Oh winston and your weird ways.


I had this cat, Spot, she was a half-Manx and a whole-neurotic. She always wanted to be "in" things. Pot plants, suitcases, bowls, bags--you name it. Even if they really weren't big enough to fit in, she would mush as much of herself in as possible. Thank you, Winston, for giving me a fond, Spot memory today!


My day has been crap, and then I saw this video. :)


Thank you, Rich, for leaving in the licking and snurfling sound effects. TEAM WINSTON FTW!


Aww, Winston.

One of our old cats used to love sitting in bowls too. He liked being in any sort of container, but mostly one bowl that fit him perfectly. Our new kitten seems to like it too - I wonder why?

trick please

I don't think he opened his eyes once.

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

Perfect soundtrack for the weird act!

(Rich- you're a man in the network-know, will Sifl & Olly EVER be realeased on DVD??)


I love how ineffective his self-licking technique is. Poor little bugger; no wonder you have to give him baths.
Winston is lucky to have such a kind and indulgent papa.


Animal tongues are a constant source of amusement for me.

So obviously this video blew my mind. Also, Winston. In a bowl... YES.


That is one grumpy looking cat. Adorable, but very grumpy. Great name, though.


I read the title as "Everybody has a lick-yourself-in-the-bed-on-a-bowel day." I think my way would be far more entertaining/disturbing.

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