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God, they chant "Be loyal, be loyal" so many times, after a while I started hearing "Belial, Belial" - as in the murderously jealous parasitic twin from Basket Case...


Rich, you mean it didn't work? I didn't know you cheat on your boyfriend.


Oh my god. I own this tape and have watched it so many times however, when i was little for some reason i never picked up on the christain overtones. weird. i am shocked that someone else has it in there possession!


I grew up on this! I sing songs from here all the time (don't ask me why!). However the only video I've been able to find on youtube is the LIES song. This 100% made my day.


I like the message, but hate the format. :X


Funny they featured rabbits, deer, and bees as none of those animals are monogamous.

Are there swinger Christians?


How do you know it didn't work, Rich? In the end, the two boys ran off together and left the girl behind, didn't they?


I was not expecting that voice to come out of that cat.

Considering I grew up in a very strict conservative Christian household (with many, MANY summers of Christian camp), I am extremely surprised that I have never heard of this video!

Omg, I want to see the thou shalt not commit murder one now, so so badly.


Why is it only strangers who might tempt you into cheating? What about the people you already know?


FYI Kat, someone named wilbertrex uploaded the the whole video to youtube. Also, i spent many a summers in the '80's with my super-christian cousins and I don't know how I missed this.


Awww, I actually thought that was kinda sweet. Weird a little, but sweet.

Johnny Ancich

[CARTOON] Valentine's Day


All in all, the message that temptation is a pretty normal and not sinful in and of itself thing isn't a terrible one.

Nevertheless, this is kind of adorably ridiculous.


Is it just me, or does the male cat resemble Kenny Rogers? Also, I totally want his sweater.


If you have to 'stay loyal' just because of someone's advice, it's a pretty dumb thing.

Jane E. Smith

I've been reading through your "god and stuff" tag and just have to say that I'm sorry you've found such poor examples of people who call themselves Christians. Some of us are pretty decent. We agree with you that the merchandising of all things Christian is embarrassing drivel, so poorly thought out. But this is a problem, the "dumbing down" of Christian faith where even those who call themselves Christians don't understand what redemptive, historical Christianity is. Okay, I see I'm too serious here. Have a chocolate heart!


I went to a Catholic elementary school and they made us watch this video. It's so stupid. "Following the love light...let the love light lead".


Need more Winston and Rudy! Happy Valentine's Day!


I was going to point out that almost no animals are monogamous... but Steele beat me to it. XD


I just found out that Tony Orlando AND Frankie Vali are in this thing. The horror...the HORROR!


You okay bb?


i remember this vid from back then lol ahh sucks to it

Account Deleted

I just think it's sad that the poor squirrel at the end has no one upon whom to possibly commit adultery. Is this a hidden celibacy message?

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