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February 09, 2010



Your riposte to Wells warmed my poor, black necrotic little heart. He's a nicompoop. Your supercut is superduper, revised or otherwise.

You're my favorite blogger.


One reason I've always appreciated you, Rich, is that you don't seem crazed with readership. You're extremely talented, and the readers come to you. You don't need to smear someone's blog, looking for a fight.

If you're handicapped for leaving out a clip from a movie that you made from your own boredom, then the rest of us are just fucked.


Fuckin ZING, Rich


you need to send rupaul over to whoop his ass




I'd say PWNED, but that's a horrible, horrible neologism. You get the point.


I love the last sentence. Thank you for all the hard work.


Don't hate, Rich. You're just jealous of Mr. Well's stunning coiffure, which is the true star of his blog.


The last sentence killed me. ^_^ It IS really important to have standards.


I'm just happy that you brought in Bruce Campbell.


You do so much on this blog...for FREE!!! What a jerk. Don't let the bastards get you down.


Oh Rich, he doesn't deserve your shit on his lawn. I didn't even follow the link to his website...I prefer to deny him the pleasure of increased traffic.

I agree with gem. RuPaul would not be amused by his comments.

Amanda Huggins

I think that your mirror supercut was genius. Mirrors are often used but I couldn't tell you the movies I've seen using it. Jefferey Wells is an idiot, but people on the internet are often times more critical then need be. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog :)


well said Rich.


If I thought about it for a little while, I could probably come up with 20 films with mirror scares not included in the supercut. However, not being a total jackass, the thought of tearing apart a supercut for excluding "x" film didn't even occur to me. I might have to turn my horror fan card in if this is how I'm supposed to behave online. Especially if it involves using terminology for differently abled people as an insult. Talk about a fail.

The original supercut was great and I fail to see how including more films just to include more films would have made it better.


I am in love with your site and can only hope and wish that there will be more supercuts to come.


Poltergeist 3. It was all about mirrors.


If the dude cares so much, he can make his own supercut and put it up for public critique too. But I rather suspect he's one of those kind of guys who can't do, and so only criticizes.

Vanessa M

Who the fuck is Jeffrey Wells again? And nevermind the mirror scares, what does he say regarding your Small Wonder montage? Personally, I thought you were a myopic ageist for not choosing My Mother the Car.

Evil Dead I-III were genius.


I've always thought Jeffrey Wells had chronic PMS, and this just confirms it. I can't believe he'd throw such a peevish hissyfit over a youtube clip. He should have to watch some poorly edited fanvids as punishment.


Haters gon' hate. Keep doing what you do best!


I just browsed through "Mr. Jeffrey Wells" sorry excuse for a blog for a bit... why anyone would want to dignify that tripe with so much as a glance is beyond me. What a shitty, shitty, cunt of a miserable man... to actually invest the time and effort to tear apart someone else's work in some crappy blog that nobody worthwhile reads. It's like the people that sit there and write long-winded diatribes in the comments page of some stupid music review featured on Yahoo or something... it's just laughably misplaced effort. That douche of a twat needs to take the sock out of his cunt and get a fucking life.




Rich, you rock and the mirror scare supercut rocks. Wells can suck it.


I miss checking your blog for a couple of days and find this on my favourite guilty pleasure, DListed, with the fun quote: "Mirrors, the Hardest Working Bitch in Hollywood". I love when my worlds collide. And your supercut rocks!


Check out this crazy movie about mirrors called The Broken.

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