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February 08, 2010



I'm such a weak, easily spooked individual that these little clips of mirror reveal scenes scared the bejesus out of me. Thank you Rich, I won't sleep for a week.


i love you


You forgot all of Poltergeist III. The whole movie was one mirror jump scare after another.


Oh my god, the horror doesn't even lie in the revelation of a mysterious face behind you projected in the mirror but the fact that it's a never ending cycle of mirror horror. How vile. I don't think Dario Argento ever used this in his films.

Dave Roz

Brilliant as always, Rich.


This is amazing. Thanks so much for putting this together, Rich.


I'm not sure which embarrasses me the most, the fact that recognized all of these movies except for one, or the fact that the Tall Man still scares me the most. I finally re-watched Phantasm now that I'm a grown up person, and wondered what on earth I was possibly afraid of when I was a kid. After having nightmares about the Tall Man that night, I remembered, LOL. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Rich.


What was the movie of the second to last movie scene with the girl in the mirror who dropped the pills?


Oh fuck... this is my biggest fear! Why you gotta make this?! (I still watched it).


Great compilation love it!


There's a pretty good mirror/shadow scene in Werner Herzog's 1979 remake of Nosferatu... but I don't think there's a mirror scene in the original 1922 Nosferatu



The cliff hanger of the last Episode of Twin Peaks is a mirror scare. The entire series ends on that note!


This scared me! I just bought some cute mirrors and now I'm afraid to put them up. haha


You forgot Donnie Darko. There's a long pill-fiddling, mirror scare scene in it.


At first I was like "What the hell is Jack Bauer doing in this compilation"? And then I remembered "Mirrors". That fucking movie was just one long mirror gag, wasn't it?

Karen Sugarpants

Dude. I'm WAY too much of a pussy to watch this.


This is awesome!


Great mirror scene was in Fatal Attraction - bathroom scene.


Shoot, you know how, like, ghosts and murderers and monsters and evil boyfriends and what not be all up in the bathroom mirror when a sista' in there tryin' to get her shower on. That's just rude! Give a girl some damn privacy! Jeesh!


"What was the movie of the second to last movie scene with the girl in the mirror who dropped the pills?"

It's "The Broken," which is - surprise - centered around evil mirror people. It's one of the better offerings from the "8 Films to Die For" series.


Could you film titles for each scene?


FYI, this got featured in Chicago's NBC 5 morning news today. I totally remember seeing your cell phone supercut there as well. You gotta give the 6:30 am crew something to talk about.


Great video! But no Poltergeist III? That's criminal! (That movie made me afraid of mirrored hallways as a child.)

Joe G

SNL did a funny skit with Ellen Paige and Andy Samberg appearing in the mirror as well. But this was good. You should identify all the movies.

John R.

This might outdo the genius of "no signal" -- it's more universal! Also, +100 for Nadja. Bravo!

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