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February 17, 2010



This is great - post Flashdance fascination with exotic dancing, but pre pole dancing for your man classes.

Oh and those men are so totally like the beginning of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! "Go Baby GO!"

Thanks for sharing it!


I remember this, I think it was on HBO. My favorite line was "remember when all we had to do was take our clothes off?" and the stripper explaining to her daughter about the contest- complete with magical thinking.


Uh, is one of those ladies Ramona from Real Housewives (the one who says she's "not an actress")? Because that would make 100% sense.


Thank you, Rich.


The first elaborate costume is disturbing because it looks like she's being gangbanged by a horde of Hamburger Helper mascots.

The second costume will show up on Lady Gaga's tour any day now.


Another documentary about stripping that's both funny and powerful (you know, I've never started a sentence that way before) is Live Nude Girls Unite, which you can stream off of Netflix. It's about the first unionized strip club in the US, and it's awesome.


A+! I'm enamored with the stripper life. Unless some bitch pulls a blade.


Does the first girl who appears in the video remind ANYONE else of ANTM's Jenah? From cycle 9? The girl with the ratty ass blonde hair and the giant chompers who refused to spew rainbows incessantly and was therefore eliminated? Yea, her, that one.

Really hope I'm not going crazy/blind. Does anyone else see that?


the straight-haired brunette in the video is totally rock of love's teya, yes/yes? would make a hell of a lot of sense.


These ladies have excellent diction. Are they all Canadian?

Tashina S.

Where do you find these movies? I would love to watch them!


where can this video possibly be found?

you find the most extraordinary things, rich!

Vanessa M

Oh man oh man. I love this movie. And of course, you would. It makes total sense. I saw it was running again on HBO or something a few years ago and I taped it. Even better, Roger Ebert gave it a good review when it came out.

I really liked the lady with the red hair but that final costume she wore with the metal helmet was so fug. The end was so melancholy. Much deeper than you'd expect. I think this flick is part of why I had to buy Showgirls and Striptease on DVD. Sorry, that's the rules.


Oh my god, I think I just saw Princess Di! No, not as a stripper but as a patron, the one in the blue shirt with white collar! hahhahaha! Love the hair!

Tanya Cheex

I think the one with many hands is Gio from New Orleans who also does burlesque.


Most of them look so stoned! haha


I so want to watch this documentary right now, btw! Looks like such a good time!


k I totally agreee! First thing I thought when I saw that was that she looked and sounded exactly like Taya from Rock of Love!

Sue Ellen

The Jenah thing about the wild catalogs girl is 100% right.


Hory crapu! I loved this movie! I watched it over and over on HBO way back in the day. And it is so hard to find now. I love that you found it. I actually got to see the dark-haired dancer (the one with the glove on her head) in New Orleans in, wow, '89, I think? She was working the door, trying to get people to go in. I regret not paying the cover charge and two-drink minimum to see her.


80's old school haircuts looks great !
thanks for the review, I'll try to watch it.


Who can't develop their brains, develop other parts of the body.


Where can I get this movie?

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