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Loving this mix this morning...thank you so much!

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i like this part of the post:"Anyway, I think it was really interesting that for a stretch of time, post-disco dance music was not really defined by its tempo (this mix doesn't get faster than 116 BPM and mostly hovers around 105)." is very good

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Within a planetary system; planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, and space debris orbit the central star in elliptical orbits. A comet in a parabolic or hyperbolic orbit about a central star is not gravitationally bound to the star and therefore is not considered part of the star's planetary system.

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I think it was really interesting that for a stretch of time, post-disco dance music was not really defined by its tempo.

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I love Enigma and I think that produce the best music ever. I think that everyone should the record Le roi est mort. If you want it, I can sell it to you!!!

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Enigma is a very good duet. I love their music. It simply transports me to a peaceful state of mind. They are great. I love "Le roi est mort!"

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This has been a very informative series - it has been great to have a 'masterclass' with such detailed examples for this subject area - thanks for taking the trouble to deal with it so comprehensively


Any chance you could post the whole of Inner City whatcha gonna do with my lovin (Master Reese Meltdown Mix)? I have the 12" vinyl but no way to convert it to a digital format.

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The lists are not familiar for me but I'm sure they are all great songs. Looking forward to hear all of them.

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Thanks for writing this. I've been searching for a word that represented my status. Single is not quite right, widow implied a status that I had not attained and had been lost, but it described how I felt. I'll embrace my widow-hood now.

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Great writing. I think that several people are un- diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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