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February 26, 2010



yay! glad Tara Kemp made the list. :) I have her only two hits on my ipod. she rocked


ah mazing.


Where is the "Moroder compilation"?? Please??


Rich, I love you! These songs take me back to jr high when all I wanted to do was move to NYC - luckily got here in 95 but god I have always wanted to hear this stuff out. Also have you checked the video for Tara Kemp? It's z'amazing!!


what if we're on a mac? no download? sad face.


Time machine: Sitting on my front porch, boombox in the window, people watching, and gettin' down, and pitching a fit because I wanted to hear the "mix at 6", but my brother's wanted to listen to Domino. Yeah...time machine.


@sarah - why would you not be able to download on a MAC? that's weird

Rich - thank you! I love your mixes so much.


I know I'm going to love this mix, I have fond memories of so much of the music-save one. Tom's Diner makes me want to stab my eardrums. So I'll just skip that part, lol. Thanks!


Fantastic! Wow does this music bring back memories or what. I just can't believe how powerful music is.


I am broke, my iPod is dead and this mix may keep me from getting stabby at work.

adam matthews

how do i download it im on a mac - the right click save thing dont work for me


@ adam matthews
apple + click worked for me


Rich, I rarely comment, but had to this time: WOW! Thanks!!!

This is going to make hills on the 'mill ever so much more bearable. You're the best. I'll be back in high school in no time!



I will be wearing an Alice band, bodysuit, and high-waisted mom jeans with suede ballet flats and trying to pick up boys at the Haywood Mall in Greenville, SC if any of y'all need to find me.


I did not know how much I needed this until you posted it - a. a new mix, and b. an awesome one. Hurray!!! Thanks!


What a fun coincidence... I used to mix Keep on Movin' with the Tom's Diner remix. Thanks for the music. It's headed to my phone as I write.


Frankie Knuckles' ultimate masterpiece?? Tears w/Satoshi Tomie. You hear god in that song.



Thank you good sir!


this is such a fantastic mix rich. thank you so much. it's putting a huge smile on my face to have this playing right now :)


massive attack and siouxsie!! highlights - thank you.


I'm loving this mix! Thank you! Mid-tempo dance music from this period never really resonate with me until later. I literally tuned anything below 120bpm out back then. So many great songs I (almost) missed out on as a result.


The fact that this is a 90s comp and the woman is everywhere right now, I read that as "Sha-day-ness". As opposed to (Marquis De?) "Sahd-ness".

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