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February 23, 2010



this is totally performance art. me and the plaintiff have some mutual friends who are part of the baltimore scene and this is totally in character with what these folks do .(weird/awesome shit). it's really awesome. i noticed teeth mountain is about to go on tour. i saw the open up for dan deacon in sf. super rad stuff. levitt is a brutal drummer.

if this is true, although i highly doubt it is, it's truly unfortunate.


I don't know what's more fulfilling--being "characters" on Judge Judy or making performance art that people appreciate on youtube. Decisions, decisions.


I know a band who went on that local Street Justice show. They made everything up.


At least one of these people (the guy in the leather jacket) are in the noise group NARWHALZ:

Clearly performance art!


lol, the guy at the end :p


Yeah, there is no way this is real. Teeth Mountain is pretty good.

Miss Lisa

Who edited this? Give that person a Golden Globe. NARWHALZ, huh? Hmmmm... The plot thickens.


He's an artist.


I'm glad there is someone out there that takes Judge Judy as seriously as I do. Although Milian trumps her.


OMG I know the dude with glasses, from Narwhalz...he's awesome and completely obsessed with Pomeranians. He would totally say "alright mom" to Judge Judy. I stayed at his house once in Richmond VA...that whole night was crazy, I believe that cats could be killed there. Wow.


Yep, all fake, unfortunately. I live in Bmore and one of my hipster co-workers is friends with most of the group (with the exception of long-haired guy).It was indeed a form of performance art. I was pretty amused to find this out, since it was after I'd already read this post. What are the chances?

Candy Colored Clown

I was on Judge Judy during their first season because I knew a chick who was a producer at the time. I was a ringer, as was all other principals involved. The show's a fake, as I'm sure you've figured out by now. The cases start as real court proceedings, but once they're picked by the show's case finders, they're turned into something as scripted as 'Knots Landing'.


It's too good not to be performance or canned.

And agreed, whoever edited this deserves a Golden Globe!

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Informative and well written. It'll be interesting to see the developments in the coming years!


There is really only one thing to say about everyone involved: they're all hipsters and should be killed immediately, corpses burned and ashes flushed down the toilet.


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