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February 04, 2010



Oh wow. Thank you.


LOL! I loved this show as a kid, I kind of don't want to spoil my memories of watching it by rewatching it and realizing how awful it really is.

Now if Out of This World would come out on DVD, I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

Anyways, I loved Harriet, I'm a fan of devil spawn in tv shows I guess. I loved her (and everyone really) in Troop Beverly Hills!

Vanessa M

I was too old when this show was on to be more than only dimly aware of it but it's almost always painful to revisit childhood classics. I say that without judgement as the Sgt Pepper's movie was one of my favorite things ever when I was about 9. As in George Burns playing a character called Mr. Kite who sings "Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" Clever, no? I saw a few minutes of this on cable the other day and was horrified.


I used to be so mad that my parents refused to watch this show. We always had to watch Barney Miller. Now, I know how wise they really were!


The girl who played V.I.C.I. is now a nurse in Denver, I think. Perhaps after realizing how much damage she had inflicted on popular culture she dedicated her life to healing the sick and dying. Psych 101, amirite?


Shit. I used to watch this too, and even as a kid it creeped me the fuck out and every time I watched it I would sit there asking myself "why am I watching this?!".

I assume this is the very last old tv show to be released on DVD, right? It has to be. It couldn't have been in line in front of anything else.

Melvin and Zoey at Mouchois

I think that I'm too young to remember this show, but honestly... I feel the need to seek it out and watch it in it's entirety.


Rich, I had no idea you were such a masochist. I'm annoyed by the show just from looking at the gifs. Yikes.


I always thought Jamie was a douche. Yeah, Harriet was just awful, but Jamie was such a jackass. Ugh! The best thing about that family was actually the robot with no personality. Lol!

Miss Lisa

I cannot believe you did this to yourself. This just isn't right. I mean, you're free to pursue your whims and creative impulses, but this is beyond the call. I shake my head in small wonder. If you scroll past the halfway mark, you'll see the official V.I.C.I. Halloween costume. Terrifying.


i always think about this show when i listen to that blackstar song.

thank you rich for doing this so we dont have to.


Just reading this made me want to trepan myself, so thank you for taking the figurative bullet.

Keila Miranda

This made me giddy.

You should tackle Out Of This World next.


This made my day, Rich. Do you remember the ridiculous "Small Wonder" conversations we had at work? Now I'll thank you b/c that show's heinous theme song will be in my head all day. ;-)


i've been wondering why you haven't been posting lately-you've been busy punishing yourself! i remember this-thanks for bringing back the horrors-lol. also, i'm so relieved that someone mentioned that devil girl was in troop beverly hills-i knew i'd seen her somewhere else! too funny! luv ya, rich!


I LOVED this show! Yes, I realize it's awful, but it was one of the few shows we were allowed to watch!

"She's fantastic--made of plastic--microchips here and there. She's a Small Wonder. She brings love and laughter everywheeeeeeeeeeere."

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper

I used to watch this unirnically when I was a kid too!

Thanks for the heads up, Rich.

I'm cured of wanting to ever buy the DVD for this show.


the little boy looks kinda like little you from that challenger news story.


Oh man, this was too great.

I'm a bit too young to have been conscious of 'Small Wonder' (I remember 'Out of This World' just barely). But my generation grew up on the hellspawn of V.I.C.I. and company...'Full House' and TGIF.

Still, Urkel, Michelle Tanner and the entirety of 'Step by Step' still seem sophisticated by comparison.

Thank you for documenting this nightmare...


Unbelievable post. I wish my high school students knew this show (of course, they could if I bought the DVD but uh...NO), so we could analyze your writing. Comic gold.


Im in the same boat, loved this growing up, and now slightly embarrassed, altho the theme song was the shit.

And harriet.. what a bitch, but I love her in Troop Beverly Hills. Apparently she's an agent or something else entertainment related I believe. No pictures of what she looks like, although I'd assume it'd be obvious.


ugh, always hated this show. Great recap though, sorry you had to be tortured by watching the show in order to write it though:)


Awwww, but I loved this show! My cousin and I used to mimic small wonder all the time! Call me a masochist, but I wouldn't mind watching this garbage all over again (although not in a 9 hour continuous span). This show was so terrible, it was great.

Btw, I agree w/ your covet. Gizmo shirt = LOVE


I loved this show as a kid also!


Really great read. To mimic others here...I thought I was the only one who remembered this show...wow!

I'll be following this blog now. :)

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