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I'm surprised no one's made a reference to the widespread rumor that was once prevalent claiming that Jamie was in reality a young Billy Corgan (!?)

Corey Y

I too loved this show as a kid and about six months ago I sought out the pilot online and watched it. I couldn't even get through that without feeling like I was going to vomit liquid regret. So kudos (and condolences) to you for actually sitting through the entire season, so as to warn others. Still, I have a sinking feeling this is the kind of horror you have to see for yourself. Some things are so terrible they elude human description, like something out of a Lovecraft story.


So the day you posted this, I was reading an article online that ended in the word 'plastic'. And for some reason, that word triggered the Small Wonder theme song to my mind, and I began humming, "She's fantatstic! Made of plastic. Microchips here and there...". I grew up in Chennai, India, and I watched that show all the time. And RIGHT while I'm humming this tune, I navigate to your site for my periodic fix, and WHAT DO I SEE BUT VICI STARING RIGHT BACK AT ME!!!

(Sorry about the caps, but you will concede that the amazingness and downright awesomeness of the coincidence merits it. :) )


AMAZING. I lived for this show, even though I realized it sucked, because it had a girl robot on it.

Jamie also looks like he could be Amanda Bearse's son.



Kristina Hansen of Seattle (probably Lynnwood, more accurately) is absolutely, 100% a dead ringer for the red-haired neighbor brat! I always felt like she reminded me of someone, but couldn't put my finger on who. Thank you, helpful blog post!




My Aunt had a recurring role on this show. She played Olivia Fernwald and I think she was supposed to be the social worker or something. Anyways, being the right age and all I watched the show religiously as a kid.

You might be interested in this other totally fucked up piece of filmmaking, called Hugga Bunch:

My aunt was in this one as well, and it's even creepier than Small Wonder.


the dad used to "fix" v.i.c.i. by opening her back - the whole show had a molester vibe about it!


Wait a minute, you said that the actor who played "Jamie" actually takes part in a Commentary? AND That he now has a kid of his own?!?

Another Internet Myth Busted! For years it's been speculated that Jerry Supiran ("Jamie") had died in the 90s, but at long last, we have proof that he's Alive! Not much of a life to be living, but still...ALIVE!!!

douglas prinzivalli

Hysterical post. I avoided reading your until I posted mine. I know have deep blog envy.



Just wait till "Out of This World" starring Donna "Annette from Saturday Night Fever" Pescow comes out on DVD. It will be the herald of End Times!


Wow... No idea this show was being released, much less getting panned..

I don't care, I loved it then, I remember it fondly now. Come on, that's like watching the original Transformers, 'critiquing' how bad it is, compared to today's.... standards?


I am amazed that I watched this when I was a kid as well. It's probably the most painful childhood memory

Evan Hurst

It's amazing how the mind selectively blocks out details of childhood. I remembered V.I.C.I. I remember watching this show religiously as a child. But my mind seriously blocked out all the rest of the characters, ESPECIALLY Harriet, who just came crashing back into my life thanks to you, Rich (uh huh, fuck you for that, btw...that little shit is going to show up in one of my dreams tonight, and I'm going to be like "damn that adorable Rich, damn him good.")

Of course, I just posted this for everyone in my network so they can relive the horror.



"...and the nerd looks like Big Edie..."

HA!! He totally does!

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I can remember all the hours that I spent watching this show when I was just 11 years old. My brothers and I never missed one single episode.

Account Deleted

Thanks so much for this. I used to watch it while growing up. it was my favorite show back then. A must watch. Currently I'm looking for Disc 04 to download. I've all the other 3 Discs. If anyone has it and uploaded it, please send me the links to download this awesome series.


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