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I seem to recall that "Out of this World" and "Small Wonder" aired back to back when I was a kid. And we only had one tv. And for some reason we always ended up watching. I still have rage headaches just thinking about this show. I eagerly await your "Out of this World" retrospective, Rich.


thought this might interest you.....


I hereby present this Virtual Medal of Commendation to you for your sheer persistence in sitting through that many hours of Small Wonder.
The Big Edie is spot on; he's just missing the floppy hat and a tin of "paté."


updates on the small wonder kids are on


I got to go see a taping of this show when I was a kid; in fact, my dad lied about my age to get me in because I loved it so much!


This was my little sister's favorite show. While I did remember it as being the most horrible thing I've ever had the misfortune to watch, your review manages to make it sound even worse than I remember.


thank you for posting this! it's just as amazing as i remember!


I had forgotten this show ever existed. Small Wonder falls somewhere between Facts of Life (the later years when George Clooney was inexplicably part of it) and Saved By The Bell in the "shows I used to watch without a trace of irony" category. Gah, it was bad.


Update on Harriet from 1993. Her sister was at Syracuse in the drama program. FH came to see her perform one night and was a total goth. It looked good on her. No idea what she's been up to since then.


I only vaguely remember this show - and we're about the same age. So, there is no reason I shouldn't have a clear memory of it.

By the way, Winston's meow fail video showed up on my Yahoo home page. You're big time Rich. BIG TIME. :)


OH and I have an original Gizmo stuffed animal that I got for Christmas in 1984, I think? Also pictures of me holding it with a look of absolute glee...


"My blender doesn't have two big brown eyes"? Does V.I.C.I have two robot a-holes?


Whoa.... The Sheila/Harriet comment is so spot-on its frightening

mr derp

this is one of the funniest things ive read in awhile. i used to watch this show ceremoniously as a child and now i cant wait to buy the dvds so i can truly see how horrible it is.


My brother used to LOVE this show! My mom always asked why they wouldn't just tell people she was a robot...DUH! That would ruin the various hijinks that occur!


Damn, Rich. You never cease to amaze me. I reference Small Wonder on a weekly basis! Thank you for this post!


I LOVED this show. This was our Saturday night family TV show!


Oh my god! I used to love this show!! And for ages it seemed that nobody but my sister and me remembered it, but thank you for proving us wrong. Almost as wrong as this show. And I second the person who said that Out of This World needs to come out on DVD. Let us put our pointer fingers together and freeze time until that happens.

P.S. The lesbian electro-rap duo Team Gina totally name-checks this show in their hilarious song "Product of the 80's."


Ever since I was a kid, I thought that Harriet looked like Mr. Roper.


Rich, your post led me to this:, which totally made my Saturday.


I used to warch this, too... That little boy was like a young Shane Klingensmith!

Does anyoneremember that show, of a similar ilk... where the girl woud touch her two index fingers together & freeze time? I think she kept some type of (powerful) pyramid or prism in her bedroom on her nightstand...

Philip in Tampa

I knew this was a horrible show when I was watching it decades ago, but I still watched this shit. I need to get the DVD box set.


"Also, the actor that plays Jamie now apparently has a kid, so...there's that."


Totally got Vici's autograph when I was in kindergarten, when she made an appearance at the local zoo. Still have it, framed.

The show got even better (by which I mean worse) later on when they tried to dress Vici normally. It was on the same level as when Punky Brewster started dressing like all the other kids.

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