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February 05, 2010


Vanessa M

For the record, I was rooting for the runner-up on Scream Queens. Michelle I think?

Melvin and Zoey at Mouchois

I lost interest in the Saw series when I thought that 3 was a joke. This is just confusing, now.


I made it through exactly ONE of these films, and just barely. It really had nothing at all to do with the gore and violence and everything to do with the fact that it was too predictable, too formulaic, and I could already tell it was never going to end. Somebody wake me up when a good horror movie comes out where you can't point out the killer the first time they show him on the screen.


Francois Sagat in a movie where he's not naked? WTF? Who would want to watch that? That would just place too much attention on that god awful head tattoo he has!


I watched Scream Queens and I LOVED Tanedra...but looking back I'm almost convinced that the show was fake and nothing but publicity for the movie.


Rich, I love you, love your reviews, but I have to say you fucked up royally on this one. Saw VI was the absolute unravelling of the entire Jigsaw mythos. The fact that the other movies were twisted via thousands of flashbacks into a story which paints John Kramer as a normal vengeful type serial killer who is merely seeking retribution for being wronged completely eradicates the original, much scarier Kramer who is a mad, invalid engineering genius building traps to "help" people help themselves. It's just another gore fest now. The best horror villain to pop up in the last 20 years has been disembowelled and turned into baby food by sub-par writers seeking to milk a franchise. Please. This movie fucking sucked.


That amputee scene is reminiscent of how well the actor in the "Master of the Flying Guillotine vs. The One Armed Boxer" hides non-arm in his clothes.


Speaking of camp in horror movies, have you ever seen "Feed", Rich? I just watched it tonight, and found it to feature a wonderful blend of sheer ridiculousness and fuck-upedness. Not to mention the clever script, exquisite acting and top-notch production values! I feel that it is a film you would enjoy. (And I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.)



I just read the Sontag essay to which you refer like two weeks ago, which is strange. Love that you referenced here. You better be learned.

Oh, Francois...


"Hot, frizzy, and sympathetic" woman totally reminds me of the foreign porn peddler in Videodrome, but without the creepy cougaresque sex appeal.


It is very cruel and impossible to see for many people

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I did not feel too comfortable watching and liking Saw anyway. Now you are making me feel that there is something seriously wrong with me.

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Some of my friend said me about this movie,"Enshrouding the whole gooey mess in the already blood-spattered surgical garb of the ongoing health care debate is a crafty move on the screenwriters’ part, this Saw is no more or less disturbing than any other in the series"!!!!2d2d

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I think you will actually find quite a few adults (even baby boomers) who were celebratory as well. It seems that you are dismissing this a youth/college-student phenomenon, when really it just wasn't. I am not of those who were thoroughly disgusted with the celebration.

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You're lucky to have such a supportive sister. Best of luck to you in what you're going through.

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It is pity that in the second gif pic. It looks like she is hidden her arm into her clothes. Probably it was a huge mistake.

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This was wonderful and hopeful. Congratulations on all that you've accomplished and all that is coming your way!

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