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February 25, 2010


Chantal Goya

Rich, where can I find the whole doc?


Rich, I'll let you borrow the Big Box VHS of She-Devils on Wheels if you let me borrow this.


BIt Torrent!

What about Cindy from Hooker's and Johns!


Damn, he's so hard-working compared to me! Whenever I get a potential client, you can bet your ass that if I'm hungover from partying the day before, I'll totally turn the guy down. Hence I don't do weekends. ;)
And just let me say this for the record: I do actually like my job. Sure, I would stop the instant I win the lottery, but it sure beats working at McDonald's or call-centers and similar!


You know the Talent Show scene in Wet Hot American Summer? When Michael Showalter does that weird inside jokey character that isn't funny at all, even ironically? The old jewishy guy who talks about dinosaur eggs and jesus because he's old? This masseur talks just like him.


I love that he's basically wearing Kelly LeBrock's costume from Weird Science


wow, that really bothered me...i mean a corded phone?! come on dude...

Eric T

It's the guy who played Fiona Zonioni on Oz!!



I want to know where you are finding all of these great documentaries.


Easily the best part of that clip is when he all the sudden appears in drag. Oddly, I wasn't expecting that.

Danielle M.

Thanks Eric T! I'm so glad somebody said who he was. Cause he looked so familiar to me.

Former Ho-bag

As someone who used to 'take appointments' to survive after being unable to find employment ANYWHERE, I can attest to everything he says being true: people who would call & ask too many questions were usually BS-ing, you truly never know when the phone's gonna ring again, so its risky to turn down appointments (I did many a time & was sometimes starving & broke for ages), if you compare the money you made doing 'legit' work to prostituting, it made having a 'real job' seem futile- so it was best to never compare, or to realize that legit work wasn't gonna make you hate yourself in the morning, while that more 'profitable' pastime did & would.

I would give my left ovary (yep, i'm a chick) to see this documentary in full. I just don't know where the hell you're FINDING these, Rich!?! Are you connected to some huge underground repository of all the unintentionally hilarious seedy docufilms of the 80's & 90's the rest of us can't know about?!


Holy moly, he's the gay "masseur" version of Little Eddie.


I love him!


that wonky eye is off the chain

i dunno why i pictured tonette from the post right above calling this guy

Disabled Refuge System

Informative and well written. It'll be interesting to see the developments in the coming years!


Holy shit! I was one of the sound editors on this film. Totally forgot about it..

Ahh.... memories of New York in the 90s.........


Unfortunately the video is already not available


LNaqnm Kudos to you! I hadn't thought of that!

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