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February 06, 2010





I really enjoyed your interview with RuPaul on Vh1, Rich! Ru is right - you asked awesome questions and really gave him an excellent forum to talk about interesting ideas. I especially liked what Ru said about the younger generation's sense of entitlement, that all that matters is that they get their own stuff and their own rights and freedoms, and they don't worry about anyone else. I see that, Ru.


aw, you're so lucky! <3 Ru <3


Holy shit, is that a shirt with the demonic cat from Hausu on it???! Where did you get that???


Honestly, Rich, this interview was one of my favorite things you've ever done, just because it was such a "meeting of the minds" of the gay world. This was sort of like the Bubbles/It interview, except it was so much more intrinsically valuable.

In a room, you have RuPaul, who has had a very flamboyant and very public persona for decades, and yourself, who is considerably less flamboyant, and whose public persona will only ever reach a fraction of RuPaul's.


Ok so I've always KINDA had a crush on you, but you are so adorable in this clip with Ru I officially have a crush. I hope my boyfriend doesn't see this... :o


Oh, I don't know Brian. I think Rich is a little more that "considerably less flamboyant" than Ru ... which is why I like him.


I echo much that is said here. You are powerful, powerful!
It's rare--even here and now in the "city by the Bay"--to have gay intellect brought to the table and articulated so well.
And yes, Ru is the one!


Awwww. So happy for you! I remember when it was "just us": you and the readers of this blog. And now you're up in the big leagues getting your turn at bat!

Also, fuck that mail carrying bitch.


I love Rupaul, I think he is so funny and smart. This is a great interview. Made my day.


Wow, I never knew fourfour was so famous

I approve!


AHH! I am flailing my arms about excitedly! NO i havent not watched it yet but hearing "rupaul calls me out" is all I need to hear!
I love Ru so much. My mom and I watched the show today and were cracking up. ilru


Awww congrats Rich! You deserve it! You're 1000 times smarter and more observant than most people who interview celebs.


All I could hear was 'blah blah blah' because my full attention was drawn to that AWESOME Hausu shirt. You look positively Gorgeous in it!


I get to work with Ru, in one capactity or another, and all I can say is that he is THEE nicest, warmest, funniest person you will ever meet. Genuine to the bone and terribly fascinating. And most of all - REAL.

Love him.


The only reason I watch ANTM anymore is so that I can read your synopsis and laugh along with it. Ok, I also like to try and predict which snippets you're going to include while I'm watching it, but that's all. So...just last night I was thinking how much better it would be if you switched over to RuPaul's Drag Race so I would get to enjoy the show and the recaps! So consider this another nudge in that direction.



When RuPaul mentions your "little drag persona", I could tell you were following his point about a person's fluid character make-up and constantly changing outlook and psycho-sexual identity, but the look on your face was priceless. You couldn't get past the mental image of yourself in drag, could you?

Man, you deserve credit for keeping it together like a pro, because I was laughing my ass off.


Hmm...the only part of the videos I seem to be able to see is the commercials at the beginning. Is vh1 video blocked outside of the U.S.?


I see all those interview episodes of ANTM taught you something :) Really though, this was kinda exciting because two of my favorite gays were talking to each other!


I may be in the minority but I would spend way more time on your blog if you recapped Drag Race instead of Jersey Shore, which I completely skip over. I know you mention the timing of these shows airing but oh well... Still love your work.


Great interview with RuPaul, thanks Rich! You really don't need to apologize for what you to choose to cover, it is your blog afterall :)

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

For get the Superbowl because, in the words of Saint Snooki:
Oh my god, fucking Christmas.
I feel like I need a cigarette now because this meeting of minds, pop culture and entertainment was so exhilarating.


Hell. I am so jealous. I want to be called out by Rupaul. I love the way he just turned the interview around and took conrol of it. And I want that scarf. And I want him to teach me how to tie it correctly. Over lunch. And drinks. Oh, Rich, I hate you so much right now.


I echo Liane's comment - I'm in Canada and only get the commercial, not the clip. BUT I was able to watch the clip with Pepa when Rich posted it - and now when I try to go back to that, it's only commercial too.
Ah well. Thanks anyway, Rich :)


Yeah, anyone figure out how to watch these clips from outside the US here? Frustrated Irish viewer here! Sounds fantastic though.

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