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March 17, 2010



I saw Jason DeRulo live at the Lady Gaga Monster Ball show a few months ago and he even blended into the background then. His dancers out shined him & he was just god awful.

that chick

Thank you for turning people on to Teedra Moses. She's just plain awesome & it's a shame so few people even know who she is.


I'm so happy you mentioned Teedra. She's the best thing NOT on the charts & so underrated it kills me. Her debut album, Complex Simplicity, stays in heavy rotation in my house- 6 years after its release.


You shouldn't expect much from Ludacris. As his recent guest spots are on Jessie McCartney and Justin Bieber tracks, he certainly doesn't give a fuck anymore, as you suggest. In fact, I'm fairly sure that if you give him $200, he'll guest on whatever it is you present him with.


"I listened to “Stylo” dozens of times and I still never got that it’s about a car chase with Bruce Willis."

What are you talking about?
Since when the video had to be ABOUT a song and not just images to accompany it?
I find your writing about music you don't know very elocuent, as you can write beautifully, but ultimately lacking of substance.


Ludacris has always been someone's whose music I enjoy but I don't necessarily need it in my personal music collection.

I love "Plastic Beach." I don't try to describe Gorillaz I just flow with them.

Will look for the Freeway's (and Jake One's) new release.

I agree with the others: thanks for for mentioning Teedra Moses. I LOVE "Complex Simplicity:" I keep it in heavy rotation. Shame she has such a shitty record deal.


never stop what you do

Misty Knight

I ADORE Teedra's mixtape! "Kisses Never Tasted So Good" "International Playboy" and Oh Love are in constant rotation. I thought "Everybody Rock" was anemic too.
Waay better than Marsha's Ambrosius' crappy mixtape!
And best "release" this year


Yay! A Teedra mention! I really like "Oh Love" and "RU4Real" now. I wish she were still writing for other artists, since it looks like her own career is sadly stagnant for now.


I just love the fact you describe Lil Kim as "being as obvious as a pasty".

I want to believe you're referring to a Cornish pasty.

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What a beautiful tale, Suzie! Enjoyed the read so much, top of the afternoon to you too. You always match your pics. R

trike kid

Thanks Mary! I remember that night like yesterday when they were all sitting in the dark with flashlights. Some how our kids turned out okay! Hahaha!

trike for 2 year old

A whole bunch of stores have already started with the Christmas displays here, too. What's up with that?

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