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March 30, 2010



but do you have this remix: The Impossible (Kris Di Angelis & Ben Dobie 'Pooldisco' Remix)? its fantastic.


I LOVE how much you think about Mariah. That way, I don't have to.

Chantal Goya

I would have loved to hear the ravamped "It's a Wrap," which has actually turned out to be my favorite Mariah track of the last couple of albums.

Joe Funtime

E=MC2 was completely under-rated. The fact that "I'm That Chick" was not the lead single continues to blow my mind to this day. I'm rooting for Mariah and know she'll keep trying, at the very least. Her catalog proves tenacity in pop music can create amazing results. Thanks, Rich.


I'm surprised that you dislike Minaj so much, yet I understand. I've been getting lots of requests for her - in a predominantly white gay bar, no less. I thought I liked her but maybe I don't. I trust your judgement much more than mine.


I wonder what this means for the Jump Smokers remix album.

Golden J

I agree with a lot of your thoughts on Mariah, but I think you've unfairly assessed Memoirs. Although I shared your views on first listen, more of it got stuck into my head, and on subsequent listens I've decided it might be my favorite Mariah *album* from start to finish. (OK, I skip a few tracks near the end just to get "I want to know what love is," but still.)

I thought sticking with one producer and no guests was a great choice for making a cohesive statement. And "up out my face" and its postlude are incredible. The best track, though, might be the first - betcha gone know. The lyrical content, the voice, the beat, the attitude, it just hits so hard.

But you're right that Mariah is likeable when she's flailing - and her comeback, rising from the ashes like a phoenix, will be that much more satisfying!


Thank you so much for hating Nicki Minaj. She is rap's answer to Ke$ha (ignoring for a second that some of Ke$ha is an attempt at rap) - awful noise that sometimes attempts to have a pitch to it. Luda's My Chick Bad kind of sucks anyway, but Minaj takes something lazy and boring and turns it into the type of song I can imagine being played to drive prisoners crazy in the Middle East. She ruins Usher's threesome song, even though that wasn't the best to begin with either. Her verse on Bedrock is clearly the worst in a long line-up of 'also-ran' quality rappers.

Actually, now that I think about it, she doesn't ruin songs. She is only allowed near garbage to begin with.


Rich, I can't wait to L.O.V.E.U. cuz right now I H.A.T.E.U. for calling this post "Angels Abortion". LOL.

I agree with you, despite the fact that I LOVE MEMOIRS. If you listen to it enough, it's actually a great album. I was excited to hear MJB on "It's a Wrap" and Jodeci on "The Impossible" and I'm sad over it not being released. I had this vision in my head of "The Impossible" remix being sorta like her "Make it Last" remix for "Thank God I Found You". And MJB would have killed "It's a Wrap".

I hope they release the songs some day. I'd love to hear them.


That last paragraph was as comforting as it was sensible.

I'm so torn about this. On one hand, Mariah can never be deemed a failure -- 18 #1 and more money than God -- but it has been five years since the Mimi album that sold 5 million copies. But this post makes me wonder about the importance of commercial success over artistic success. Yes, "Memoirs" tanked, but it had some of the best reviews of her recent career -- she even made the Bullseye in Entertainment Weekly!


I wasn't in love with Memoirs at first. It's definitely a grower. It's a shame this remix disc won't be released to at least give it a second chance. No one seemed to give a shit past Obsessed though.
I have to tell you how much I adore your assessment of Nicki Minaj. I keep trying to tell people that she is garbage and just spews things out for the sake of doing so, but they've been told she's amazing by the radio stations and pay no mind to me. Drake is just as bad. Someone requested his new song at a bar I work at. I threw the cd in and previewed the track. I heard him say "Rosetta Stone" and promptly put the cd back. Cannot wait for your review of Nicki's album!

Ip Lawyers Melbourne

I love her I don't see she is really pretty. But her voice is from heaven, I love this album cuz I have been waiting so long.


Rich, I have your post to thank for introducing me to the Damizza remix of I Still Believe. So good!


I pretty much agree with everyone on here. Memoirs is kind of, like, "Huh?" on first listen. It grows on you more and more though. I think that it was a "failure" due to the fact that people can be so damn impatient these days. I'm pretty bummed that the Angels got aborted (or whatever lol!) but oh, well.

Love the blog, Rich :-)


Rich, your last paragraph is pure love.



I also love MC and thought the remix album wreaked of desperation (although, I was curious about the It's a Wrap and The Impossible remixes like other posters above.)

You really have to give MOAIA a chance. I love that she ventured out and did a full album with no collabos with rappers or guest artists and It's a Wrap, Ribbon, Candy Bling, Betcha Gon Know, and Up Out My Face are tight and solid tracks.

It was so much easier to get into MOAIA than E=MC2 which to me, lacked artistry.

But, alas, we agree, Mariah is at her best when she is the underdog trying to jump to the front and claim her kibble. Let's see what she comes up with this time. She was back in the studio with JD, and if Jermaine likes it, then she likes it.


I would really like to know. Marion Jones was only 18, a baby herself. To lose her life because the doctors were too busy with another emergency is horrible.

Alta Whitening


She's one of those artists that's always up and down but in the long run you know people will feel she has an amazing voice.

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more than just a perfect pair of legs and those...sorry I can't control myself when I talk about Mariah, but retaking the theme of the post, yeah I sure that this will be a good album, almost as good as her legs...ey you back to the reality!!!

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