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March 01, 2010



Sorry, off topic, but had to say, that chalkboard banner is fan-fucking-tastic. Love it.


What do you have against Hoopz?


It's the sex tape, isn't it.


An amalgam of Ann Shoket, Hoopz, Minnie Driver and Nicole Sherzinger? Sounds like a candidate for the worst person in the world.


Oh my God. Is this a cleverly disguised Xanadu remake?


I loooove disco. This annoying movie will probably drive it back underground.


lol @ "Disco was my idea"


The club owner was on "Road Rules." Yes, really.


oh, God! Ann Shoket is bad enough on her own! Don't give her this kind of power!

"What'ssss up, guuuuurlssssss? Thisss week you're going to moduhllll in a SSSeventeen magazine sssspreeead about...DISSSSCOOOOO!"

Oh, God, I'm getting the shakes thinking about it.


This movie was filled with dancers from So You Think You Can Dance Canada pretending to be actors. I think that statement speaks for itself.


This is disco.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtMmOrdYW6E


Ann Shoket ... grrrrr . she might be satan.


By the end of the "disco" extravaganza, I started substituting the word "Crisco" for "Disco" and quite enjoyed myself. Yes I am easily amused and find fun in the little things.


The only thing they were missing with all this disco talk was the duck.

Spot on with the comparison. I thought there could be no way all of them could be mixed up into one disco diva like that. Wow...was I wrong.

And speaking of a Village Person, I watched "Can't Stop the Music" again this weekend. Oh Bruce Jenner in short shorts and a midriff shirt. Classic.


wow, that is a lot of the word "disco." it's hilarious.
also, i have a love/hate relationship with the song Disco Duck.

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