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March 15, 2010



Is it just me, or does Gabrielle look a lot like Venus Extravaganza?


Uhm, Tyra's MyFierce page really lists "Anything with BBQ sauce" as the first (of two) interests. Huh?

Vanessa M

(ahhhh, obsessive refreshing pays off)

Shakespeare once said there is nothing new under the sun. Which may be why every one of these girls reminds me of one from a previous cycle. The Bard of Avon was truly prescient.

And despite some Elyse physical resemblance, I do like Ren and her crazy hairy pits. I do wish we could have seen more of pierced girl who cries while exposing her lady area tho.

Was anyone else acutely uncomfortable watching various contestants hug or hit on Naduah? Given her background of abuse that was really awkward.


I am so. so. so. glad there is a bitch please gif. That scene made me cackle like nothing that had been on television before.


Hooray! I have missed your fabulous ANTM gif'ing.


Fantastic! I've been waiting for some info on ANTM here. Love it.

I noticed, nothing about Jessica. Which in itself may highlight how forgetful she is.


Rich,thank-you for the Tatianna teeth,gum situation. I can't even look at her. There is so much skankiosity in this episode, it stinks through my telly. Love you and the recaps.


This post makes me want to watch ANTM for the first time since Elyse. Thank you?


Anslee (and your exact pics) remind of a certain Amy Poehler character from SNL.

If only she was rockin' one leg - i'd be jealous.


Gabrielle also clearly had watched the show before and taken some lessons to heart. Like the comment she made about how in 13 cycles the bitchy girl has NEVER won. I fear that her understanding of the show's inner workings will be her ultimate demise.


My picks so far - Alexandra - but ONLY because of the giant mole. HILARIOUS. I'm sure I'll dislike her in all other capacities.

Other than that, the only remotely interesting girl was Naduah. She's a sure-fire winner. I kinda like Denise Gallagher as well.


Danielle looked exactly like a girl from another season. I can't figure out who, but it's on the tip of my tongue. Any help?


I think Tatianna put her teeth in backwards

Vanessa M

BTW, your comments on MyFierce were comedy gold (nay, platinum) on a crappy day.

Shenandoah Vegan

This was a fantastic recap. Thank you so much!


Thrilled to death that not only is ANTM back, but also recaps (which, at this point, are better than the show). Thanks Rich!


OMG, the reverse giraffe comment was the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

Awesome Rich, awesome.

Passing Shot

Krista=Grace Jones

Good goobers, there's overwhelming haze of fug surrounding this cycle. Gabrielle for the seriously-diminished-in-significance win.


Speaking of Laura, just in case you haven't been following her blog, I think you'll appreciate knowing: she has a cat who is half-bobcat. I don't know why this tiny nugget of information is such a perfect embodiment of everything Laura is, but yeah.



Gabrielle is the next Jade, from the dyed poodle 'do to the multi-ethnic background to her razor-sharp bone structure.

My brother commented that Jessica is the best looking girl, and I told him that means she'll probably be the first one eliminated.


It's true, Michael! Anslee does look like Amber, the hypoglycemic amputee!

Also, "She is not Elyse Sewell and no amount of shit-slicing will convince me otherwise." Truer words were never spoken. No one is nearly as wonderful as Ms. Sewell.


I don't get Ren. There was absolutely no explanation as to how she got onto the show (maybe that's going to happen later but I doubt it). I just feel like she's an imposter, and doesn't belong in the back round of those clips with girls fighting in kitchens/bathrooms/bedrooms. It's just so weird, she was announced and there she is in all her boringness.

And your Denis Rodman photoshop reminded me of the lol-worthiness of the producers covering all the girl's heads with bandannas for the makeover interviews - so to not spoil the surprise of what their hair looked like. It was more of a surprise about what their original hair colors were.
Also about the make overs; Why do they bring back eye-brow bleaching each season?? Naduah doesn't need her eyebrows to be missing to look or act like an alien!
Plus, most of the haircuts are just styles that are used each season. Cutting those red locks short of that crying girl made her look like Parrot-makeup redhead from an earlier season (who was that??). Photoshoot with a girl made up as a parrot... hm
Anyway, most of the girls with dark hair were given horrible light haired wigs or had their hair bleached and poofed. It always makes me frustrated when they purposefully make girls look worse for the dramaz. Oh well.

I have a feeling Krista is going to make it to the top 5, and then get suddenly booted off because she looks too old. Similarly, Naduah is going to kickass until the top 3 and then get booted for losing her spark and improving less than mole-girl or Gabrielle.
Who is in it to win it? Raina.

Also, is it just me, or did this episode seem a lot classier than earlier seasons? Like the toning down of the competition of the top 32, the sets look nicer, and the makeovers occurred immediately. I think this has to do with impressing Leon.
Except that tyra-page thing, that was just sad. I always feel dissapointed when the girl I choose as a favorite acts really excited about that cheesy crap (see naduah explaining MyFierce).

I like that when I scroll over this image, http://fourfour.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83451b8c369e201310f9f7e20970c-800wi. The description is "Kitchen-ass", because there's really no other way to explain it.

Guy Deluk

I'm not gonna say I liked your recap, but I liked your recap :)


OMG! So glad you're back!

And...Raina = Cesar Romero's Joker.


Damn, why did the ANTM premiere and the premiere of the "Telephone" music video have to happen on the same week? Now, we'll never get a catty review of Gaga's latest concoction.

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