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March 22, 2010



Brillian recap!!! ALT is the best thing to happen to this show...I just want to sit in his salon and sip beautiful drinks all day.

Oh,and "Foulard" is the French spelling. In case you were curious.


I am so sad I missed this episode, but your recap was fantastic as usual. "H1Ren1" was brilliant. :D


Is it just me or does Naduah look identical to Brian Molko??

I can't hate someone who bears such a strong resemblance to a guy who sings about bestiality and getting golden showers.

Tashina S.

I think Raina is gonna win too. Love her!


I for one was totally shocked that Naduah was sent home. I was hoping Ren would quit. God, she's annoying. Reality TV is filled is obnoxious idiots? The HELL you say! You're a dumbass if you didn't know that before you signed on to do this show, so you can can it with all your "I'm too smart for this" talk.

ALT is the best addition to this show since Janice left. Everything he says is magical. Gizzard, hehehe. I love how Tyra just lets him go because he's ALT. Also, him being on the panel shows how useless and dumb Nigel really is. I haven't been this excited about this show since cycle 6 when we had Jade and all her endless entertainment.


omg fucking gizzard made me choke on my chewing gum XD

<3 you forever


"Who this bitch think she is? Oh, right. Jesus. I forgot. (I did not forget.)"


I. freaking. LOVE. you.


This wizard is a gizzard who will serrrrrve.

That is all. :)

Vanessa M

Sniffle Garbrielle was so robbed.

And speaking of bullshit (and how can we not be all things considered), did the fight between Ren and Alaysia seem highly edited to you? Just out of nowhere Ren yelled STFU and then screaming Alaysia. Actually screaming Alaysia is in truth likely ridiculously easy to conjure up but I don't think we saw that sequence as it happened. I'm trying to look at her as good tv but I don't on principle approve of rewarding craziness.

Which means on principle I should tune out next week. But then I might miss Miss Jay's mockery of the girl's runway walks and that is one of the show highlights for me. Also, "I know where you sleep dawg" was one of the quotes of the new decade for me.

I'm also confused. No more CoverGirl contract for the winner?


The animation at the end of this recap is amazing, but I bet David's girlfriend's name is Steve.

Sue Ellen

Glad you touched on the injustice of Pink Hands Gabrielle (my diagnosis is poor circulation in her extremities from her mother smoking while she was pregnant) being kicked off and the rapid ascendance of Raina. BUT: I would have liked a little more outrage about Gabrielle, because I'm still waiting for an apology from Alasia's asscrack and snatch for that affront to all five senses; and I was hoping for some commentary on Raina's 2nd picture, which I think is one of the best ever on the show. Also Angelea has the proportions of Manute Bol with a duckbutt.


I love you Rich.

That is all.


I don't know. That picture where Raina's hair is all pulled back, I'm getting too much of a McKey vibe from her. And yes, ALT is whatever the opposite of dreckitude is. Well, actually he is kind of a wreck, but in the best possible way.


Alasia's completely insane. It's high quality entertainment until someone loses an eye... has ANTM ever had an argument that actually ended in fisticuffs? I think this girl's probably the best bet we have for a Top Model first -- makeup tips for how to cover up bruises from a beatdown!

Did Gabrielle remind anyone else of Michael Jackson? The resemblence is uncanny to me.


I love Top Model Lounge! I liked it this week when Bianca was encouraging the current pack of wannabe Top Models to walk in front of oncoming traffic: 'you’re supposed to stand out! Ok, don't get hit, but...' I also enjoyed Bianca's big reveal in the first episode that she's 'really into, like, smiling'. One girl who wears rings, one girl who likes smiling... where does Tyra find these wacky characters???


I didn't think Gabrielle would make it to top three, or anywhere close, but I don't think she should have gotten axed so quick.

When Ren got her picture, I kept thinking that it would be hilarious if Celia were to pop out of nowhere and say, "Excuse me, Tyra, but I thought you should know... Ren doesn't want to be here because she's far too intelligent for this. Just sayin'."

The cartoon of Alexandra was awesome. I knew she was going to be the one to take a tumble the way she kept talking on and on about how she's made for competitions and she's been doing this since birth, blah blah blah. But two falls? Christmas came super early this year.

More Angelea next week, please! I hated her in Cycle 12, but now I think I might end up loving her.


ALT reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer gained weight to get on disability and went shopping for mu-mus and he went into the store with the academic and judicial robes. ALT shops at the same place.

And that makes 3 times I have referenced that episode in a 2 week span. I don't know how I feel about that.


Argh I totally want to know what the animation GIF programme on the DS is! I WANT IT! Those gifs made me laugh out loud <3


Rich - I love it when you get on a roll. I hope all of your re-caps are this long b/c it just made my day. H1Ren1 was utter genius. And calling out Alasia for her quadruple-negative...it made my heart sing with happiness. I'm planning a trip to NYC in May...can I come over and watch the show w. you and see this genius blog in action? I think you rule.


Rich, best recap ever. You are on fire.


omg rich, we're back in business with antm. and that cartoon (of the cartoon), brills.


Anyone notice that the pendulums in the different shots before/during/after the fall don't really connect with each other? In the above shot, it looks like one is just stuck stationary against the side of the stage, but you don't see any part of it as she is walking. The pendulum that hits her also appears to be coming from two different directions.



Since last season this show has gotten soooo low budget. This season though has to be the cheapest. There has not been this many nude shots since the first season..the sets and style looks like it went back to UPN. The clothes(if any) are so bad looking and the makeovers are cheap. No more fancy color treatments or extensions..clip ons? Also Tyra looks a mess..the intro is horrible and the Tyra mail with that Little Mermaid font for Tyra's name looks so bad.. What will there international destination be? Canada? The editing is so bad..I guess that is what happens when Tyra is not only photoshopping the girls photos, she now is editing the film of the show..


you're so f'm brilliant, rich.
it's no wonder rupaul wanted you to recap her show too.
i won't even try to note everything i loved about this b/c i'd just end up reiterating absolutely everything.


I think Tyra, Queen of the Frenchies, was trying - and I do mean trying - to say auhd-vur-teese-mont ("advertisement" in French).

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