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March 02, 2010



Huh. My puppy totally has Ponyo eyes. Cool! Evidence: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=51580&id=1265503294&ref=mf#!/photo.php?pid=1026852&id=1265503294&fbid=1350922654204

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Oh, definitely worth the load-time. Gorgeous gorgeous nonsense is right, can't wait to watch this again on DVD.



The theme song (the japanese one, not the english one) is totally addictive.




I haven't seen the movie, and I've only heard good things about it, but this is seriously what my nightmares look like.

(Well done with all the gifwall, though, because you can never have too many good gifs.)

Hannah J

OMG Rich, my love for you grows and grows with every passing day. I watch Ponyo whenever I feel down and need something goofy to cheer me up. NOW I GOT GIFS FOR EASY ACCESS!! You win!!


Dang ... and I thought no other Miyazaki movie could dethrone my love for Howl's Moving Castle. I'll definitely have to watch this one then.

Tara Melissa

I LOVE this movie. I've only seen it in Japanese though, so I think I'm going to avoid watching the dub. But it's awesome nonetheless.

Miss Lisa

Oh boy--Ponyo gif wall! My son is excited this is on DVD. He's only sat through a few movies and this is one of them (I made him go). Ponyo's exuberance and love of ham is shared by him. I really like the ancient undersea creatures--incredible design and animation. The movie is dreamlike enough that it kept him from sleeping well the night he saw it, but his happiness on seeing it featured on the Disney Channel this week is like a second-grader's version of "thumb's up."


Aw, you big softie. I imagine this is what you're like while watching Miyazaki films: http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/9/2009/11/500x_totoroviewing.jpg.

Fujimoto is my favorite character in the film. He's just so... whimsical! And the crying baby. Japanese artists almost always portray crying kids with running snot and scrunched up faces. Pure love.


Pass me that when you're done, Rich.


This is gorgeous. (Fine, fine, I'll watch the movie.)

Amanda k

This gif wall made my day! :)

Amanda Stanley

This is the PUREST OCEAN WATER! It keeps me from drying out on land!!


enjoyed the gif! it made me smile!


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Hooray for Ponyo love! :D


thank you for the gif wall! I love Ponyo.
Trang, Fujimoto is my fav too. His jacket is so swanky!

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