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March 05, 2010



What about 'Geoff'? I knew a guy with that name in high school, and people kept calling him called him 'Jee-off' for the first week or so.


I love that all these people found you via some random word like "baboon" or "trannie". The Internet is the new kismet.


glouriously cumming trannie whores twink should be the new internet meme. Can we start that? Maybe written on a picture of Sarah Palin or Spencer Pratt or an owl or winston or something?


The R Kelly knock knock joke is killing me. More blogs for Rich? Count me in. That's three blogs now including the tumblr.


If #3 is still looking, it's "I kicked a RACCOON's face off onto Jesus's face..."

And it's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Us1Ksttms
(as a cheeky bonus)


I love the "fool your siblings..." one. Hilarious. We used to tease our little sister that she was adpoted all the damn time! I think you're right on, Rich. The 80's were full of all kinds of weird stranger-danger, odd adopted families. Later we found out that our dad did actually adopt our older brother. That's when shit got real.


Oh no, not the fake adoption! My older cousin, who was like my sister since our families lived together, used to tell me I was adopted as a kid. My mom eventually had to explain to me (after my crying fit) that my clothes tags said "Marisa" on them because they were hand-me-downs. NOT. COOL.
Although, I can imagine how it would be funny to use it on younger siblings. :)


dayum. the innernets can be a skeeeery place, yo.


"Pebbles" made me laugh out loud in the library. I'm fining you for that one, Rich.


I work with editors and I love love love unfortunate pauses. I keep trying to explain Rags to Riches to people. LOVE!


Are you taking submissions for the tumblr? 'Cause I have a great one. Paused ANTM on youtube one time, and the result was too hilarious not to save; it's been on my pc with no more to go ever since: http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g70/RabidChild_photos/Untitled-1.png


the R. Kelly joke was really dumb. Like, really, really dumb.But I still laughed for a good three minutes.


I can't believe that I just spent the last 5 minutes llol'ing at the R. Kelly joke!




My mom had a cat that did not lick it's privates. It was a bad, smelly scene. The cats brother used to clean her up after the bathroom. Then he told her she was adopted.


I fucking love you, Rich.


This is the only place on the internet that consistently makes me laugh out loud.

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