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March 09, 2010



Did you happen to know my old boss??? Because you described him perfectly in the last paragraph. I even used to get "Atta girl" in emails he would send me. I still have to work with him part time now since he was laid off last year, but I still cringe even if he calls me. Creepy indeed. At least I never got "ticky, ticky, ticky".

Miss Lisa

Part of my television-watching childhood just flashed before my eyes. And it was so unpleasant! Especially because lots of guys talked to women like that (including my first two psychotic bosses). Watching this show, I used to focus on the futility of knowing the approximate cost of a tin of Ajax. Sure, you could win big dollars if you were lucky enough to be told to "come on down!" But after that you were just marching along the supermarket aisles for years on end, buying Ajax. It bummed me out.


I want that red velvet bed!

Vanessa M

I grew up with this show. I can't get that creeped out for some reason although I think I should so I'm vaguely troubled.

Much creepier: Dawson having to kiss every woman on the mouth on the Feud.

Letty Evans

ooh, he is totally pervy. I went to a taping of the Price is Right and during commercial breaks the audience was allowed to ask him questions. One woman asked him what his favorite moment hosting the show was and he said it was when a woman's tits popped out of her tube top when she was running to the stage. What a cad!

Spay and neuter your pets everyone!


Help control the heavy-petting population. Have your game show hosts spade or neutered.


Sigh. The good ol' days.


I never did like Bob Barker, now I know why.


Give me a break. Bob is just being the host of the show. He has to say things to get the contestant to be excited, liven up, to say something. To get any reaction. That was TV and he was on. They were mostly younger than him, so of course they're "girls". What did you want him to say?

Now if you look at Bob in the later years, it always seemed like Bob would perv on the college guys. He would say their names over and over and he would always put his hand on the guys.


That's classic Barker. I heard "Atsa girl" - a variation of an attagirl.

Have to say I witnessed a one-sided love affair between Bob Barker and a female parrot. Webster (a carried-over name after they'd wrongly sexed her) LOVED the Price is Right, with all its bells and whistles and nice Bob Barker with sonorous voice and love for animals! It was as tho she knew his heart was in the right place (even if his ethos was misplaced), and the program itself was a veritable visual and aural playground for her. She would hop off her perch in the dining room and toddle into the living room, mesmerized by the show. She died a couple months after Bob retired - they say it was liver disease, but I say a broken heart.


Did someone steal this from you and repost it to YouTube? It's on HuffPo now: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/09/the-price-is-creepy-bob-b_n_492442.html


Oh, never mind, I just realized this is from one of your newer YouTube accounts, one that hasn't been deleted. I still expect it to be richfofo or whatever it used to be. Carry on...nothing to see here.


That was super creepy! Plus I love your 9-to-5 reference. "Atta Girl!"




ANTM...tonight is the season premiere! :)


"They were mostly younger than him, so of course they're "girls"."

@GregR: Wrong. They were adults so of course they're "women".

"What did you want him to say?"
Anything that wasn't creepy and insulting.


Bob Barker is a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.


I like that contestant "Gerri" looked eerily similar to one Jerri Blank!


How serendipitous! I met that guy today!!! He's funding 2.2 million dollars for a PETA to open a damn gigantic center right by my house.. He's 3 days older than methuselah I'll tell you that much


That was a pretty little posting on your pretty little blog, Rich. Attaboy!


Bob wasn't the only creepy game show host. What about Richard Dawson on Family Feud? He used to kiss all the women contestants - from grandmas on down to young girls - on the lips! I would have rinsed my mouth with Listerine - after slapping him across the face, of course!


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Meh, he doesn't really bother me all that much.

he's so passionate about animal welfare and gives millions to the cause that i cant stay mad at him.

I guess i'm shallow cause i'll trade a few ass grabs or belittling remarks for someone who buys entire buildings and ships for the pioneers out there trying to save animals from human savagery!


clearly my favorite move was when he used to have women reach into his pocket for a $100 bill. Smoooooooth....


I was always a little weirded out by Bob Barker watching him on TV. He just seemed kinda creepy.

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