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March 31, 2010



I just wish she wouldn't go around praising Louis Farrakhan. She makes it very hard to like her as a person when ignorant things come out of her mouth.


Thank you for writing this. She is a true artist indeed


I don't think most performers are people you'd like "as a person." Either their work speaks to you or it doesn't.


Thanks eltiochusma, you beat me to it. I don't like most people "as a person", but that doesn't really matter when it comes to art.


My brain has been stuck on her interlude to Love, where she talks about fear and love as the primary emotions. It may be simplifying it, but I see Part 1 as the fear and Part 2 as the love, and how there are cross-currents and rifts between the two: conflict within fear and love and between them. It's nice and refreshing and relieving that she's made time for both.


Thanks for this review. It made me check out the snippets of the album. It does sound more accessible than the previous album. I'm an Erykah fan who was perplexed by Part One.


I really like Travis' idea of Part 1 being Fear and Part 2 being Love.

I was disappointed in the album at first, but it definitley sneaks up on you, just as you said. I'm totally in love and am still astounded that she really has never done anything wrong (music-wise). Not to spin some stupid bullshit, but I think the fact that she's not trying anything as ambitious as Part One is, in itself, very ambitious. In this crazy, hyper world of 2010, it's a crazy experience listening to something that sounds so simple, so natural.


Wonderful review, Rich. Are you really that learned about hip-hop and samples that you were able to pick them out so easily? If it wasn't in the press kit, I am one impressed mofo. Either way, your review is right on the moe-nay. Been rocking this lp for the past week (it leaked a few days before.) Can't wait to buy the cd because the artwork and layout are glorious as well.


great review! i've been a huge badu fan since the first album and this does not disappoint. been listening to it non-stop since i picked it up yesterday...come back, come back baby, come back...


100% agree with your review and sentiment--she IS Badu.




I had a dream where there was a group of people getting killed one by one and they came to me and the girl that was there told them they couldn't kill me because I was a healer? What does this mean?

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Sue Ellen

Love Erykah unreservedly--but thank you SO much for name-checking Sweet Sable!

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I have two things to say. Maybe three.

1. Erykah is, indeed, a treasure. I don't know when she overtook Jilly from Philly as my Soul Everything. I don't know when she overtook EVERYONE (save Sade and Prince) as my Music Everything. But she is. For this reason, I really loved the last graf. So thank you.

2. While we're on the subject of "you," dude, you fucking rock. I've been reading your work for years now, and I often introduce you to others as one of my favorite bloggers. Besides your sense of humor, your knowledge of music is so thorough that even when I disagree with your opinions, I know you at least know what you're talking about. Trust me, that's a rarity among contemporary music critics.

3. And while we're on the subject of contemporary critics who know their shit:

"Andy Kellman put it perfectly when he wrote..."

Dude, that muthafucka puts it perfectly, like 95% of the time. He's my favorite music critic. A fucking genius that should be running AMG, not that hack Erlewine.

Impressive point segues, no? My comment was about as cohesive as an E-Badu album.


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