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March 08, 2010



'She was all, "I’mma let you finish, but Prudence had one of the best handicaps of all time!”'
Too funny! What an ace recap. It entertained me more than the actual Oscars ceremony itself did this year anyway. It was a tough one to stay awake for this year, here in the UK.
Ace recap!


Logorama was available to view in its entirety on Facebook for most of Feb, but it's gone now. It is just as awesome as you think it is. Turns out Michelin men bleed. You haven't lived until you've seen Ronald McDonald splatter Mr Peanut all over a diner.


between you & pajiba-you totally summed exactly how i felt about the show. great job.


Great re-cap! Gotta love that someone else noticed george clooney's pissyness


When you text dolphin to 44144, you get (very occasional; once every month or so, typically) updates on the cause. It's worth doing. Ric O'Barry is incredible, and I was more excited by The Cove's win than anyone else's last night.


I was really hoping you would lay in to Logorama hard! You being a Miyazaki fan, I figured you would know a thing or two about animation and how completely undeserving that short was.


i heart you. and this recap. and i have to apologize b/c I tweeted this b/c your kristen stewart comments were too funny to NOT tweet.. which means you might get 'haters.' Get ready- they can be mean. And by "mean" i mean they're REALLY EASY to make fun of. So, basically, you're welcome... :)



you can watch logorama here.

Jim Stalker

Great, fearless recap. Funny too.

I need to read your stuff regularly.


I missed Christoph Waltz's win (he and Mo'nique were really the only ones I cared much about), but I turned it on just in time to laugh at Maggie G's total exaltation at her own mediocre performance clip. Nice job!


Speaking of "undercurrent of mockery" in the music choices, what about when they played the theme from "Ghost" before the intro the the deal people montage. WOW.


As always, perfection.

But, as a comedienne first, and an actress second, I was waiting for Monique to follow up her Hattie McDaniel thank you with some love for Moms Mabley for paving the way that got her to where she is!


I didn't watch the Oscars, but seriously, I loved this recap! So glad someone shared it on GReader, ha.


I wanted to kick George Clooney's teeth in. Prick. Also, I realized last nite that Maggie GyllenHAG is a self-absorbed cunt. I am surprised that you did not comment on the red carpet interview with all the supporting actress nominees gathered together. She looked constipated and incensed that she had to stand among the rest of them.

I am also surprised that you did not gif Samuel Jackson's eyeroll after Monique's speech. Classic!
You also did not notice that they did not include Farrah Fawcett or Bea Arthur in the dead celebrity montage! Blasphemous!


Im surprised you didn't mention the bullshit that was mc's dress last night. It really ruined the night for me.


Precious won for the PC factor. 6th black screenwriting nominee, 1st win. Esp when there was a dealio about Lee Daniels being the 2nd black director nominee and doing the first BP nominee directed by a black person. Up in the Air won basically every other screenwriting award in existence. (In comparison, there's a total of 0 solo Asian screenwriter nominees...and also a total of 0 lead Asian acting nominees, vs. mid-20's black lead acting nominees.).

OTOH, Bigelow won for awesomeness rather than PC-ness, given that THL has won basically every award in existence (sans the money/fame-whores known as the HFPA).

Smear Campaign Magazine

She was all, "I’mma let you finish, but Prudence had one of the best handicaps of all time!”

Award for making me spit salad all over my desk during the lunch hour.

Miss Lisa

Logorama available here:
(Thanks ONTD for the source.) Well done but it depressed me. Kudos to you for watching and giffing the bore-fest. Sparkly dresses can only hold my attention for so long and the thank you speeches seem to get worse as I get older and grumpier. But breakdancing and the robot made their triumphant returns during the movie-theme dance segment. Hoo...ray.


Molly Ringwald looked Linda Simpson last night.


NPH's glittery jacket needs its own flag, parade, and social awareness group. Just sayin'. And Molly Ringwald was really ALERT.


"You also did not notice that they did not include Farrah Fawcett or Bea Arthur in the dead celebrity montage! Blasphemous!"

Meh...neither of them were movie stars, from what I can recall anyway. So, yeah. That's probly what was going on there.

So glad I wasn't alone in my Maggie Gyllenhall moment of, "Oh, COME OONNN!" I think she was tearing up! I think she was actually tearing the fuck up! I've been sorta sour on her anyway, ever since seeing her in "Away We Go" and thinking to myself that she probably wasn't acting all that much in that part. So her self-centeredness last night was just a nail in her coffin for me, really.

al lujan

I never ever felt compelled to pray for Molly Ringwald but after seeing her last night I had to.


People are being unnecessarily harsh on Kristen Stewart, IMO. She apparently has been sick- but would you turn down the chance she had (with Taylor Lautner, who ran through his lines like he was about to pee his pants) even if you had lost your right foot stepping out of your limo 15 minutes before the show started? I dunno- I say cut her a break.

George, George, George... I got nothing. I thought his waving the camera off was funny- along his usual sarcastic lines, but again, just my tiny opinion.

I've never liked Maggie Gyllenhall. She has always seemed so BORED with everything.

Two most upsetting parts of the night for me: stupid Ben Stiller and that crap he did and that idiot lady in purple interrupting the guy giving his thanks. Someone needed to slap that bitch!


There's speculation that Clooney's annoyed look might have been due to he and his latest having a fight that day. Whatever. I've never gotten Clooney's appeal. I still remember him from The Facts of Life so that could be part of it. I like how the Academy claims artistic achievement and then gives Sandra Bullock the award because she's been in the game awhile and they have no problem giving awards to people they like even if the performance doesn't merit it.

Grant Wood

In that recurring gif of Clooney waving off the camera, is his whatever mouthing "fuck you" to the camera? I've watched it maybe 100 times and I still can't figure it out...

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