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March 19, 2010



"Music doesn't change...people change the music" Classic!!!!


I just saw your hero for the week or so, and thought you might like this gif http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kzghx9JiWH1qz72j6o1_500.gif



When did she start talking like William Shatner?


The captions had me in tears, especially the "beginning of time" one. Bravo.




man, that just makes me sad.
she really threw it all away.
her face is so puffy and her voice is like blohan's now.
such a waste.
hope the crack was worth it.


Why does this remind me of the scene in Precious where Mo'Nique's character is in the social services offices talkin about "Who gon love me?"


OH GOD i love you so hard right now, rich.


rich, i love you. my favourite part - she hugged me...with her arms. amazing.

Felipe Anuel

Great stuff. My favorite caption is "sex in essence salted to school."


OMG RIch YOU'RE THE BEST!!! This made my day :)


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


She talks, like a regular person.... She is courages... and stepping out into public... it will take time to build up her Energy again...


Onion soup and asparagus,huh? All kinds of good smells must be coming out of that one!


Sorry, but I have to say that after watching the full interview, your splicing together of certain phrases does not accurately represent Whitney in the interview. She comes across in the interview as a mature, calm, intelligent woman. You could have manipulated any interview out there and gotten the same effect.


Yeah, I also think she threw it all away...too bad for Whitney. I remember when she was at the top of her game...how things can change so quickly.

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