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April 26, 2010




Vanessa M

I wondered if you were going to point out the self-delusion of Anslee (will. so. not. miss) saying that while they didn't like her walk, she was herself--stern and strong. I can see the Cover Girl ad now "Easy, breezy, stern and strong-Cover Girl. Use it now or back up sweetheart!"

I take issue though. This overseas destination reveal was no less dumb than announcing Holland by putting Paulina into a wig with blonde braids.

RuPaul's Drag Race is what Top Model wishes it could be. The bitches have to model, sew their own clothes, lip sync, really sing, choreograph numbers, direct photo shoots-hell I can't even list it all here. Plus, Ru is a genuinely caring mentor. Ahem, Tyra.


How in the world did Angelea's shot get second best??? The dress was too big and she her eyes were all but crossed. Again, hideous. New Zealand? Modeling capital of the world. I think Tyra is just embarassed and is taking them somewhere no one will see them.


I'm not the only one who had Kym Sims on in the background and enjoyed seeing Mister Jay dancing away to it, right?

Sue Ellen

I would pay money to watch (in real time) all 22 hours of Angelea and Krista flying first class.


Was it just me or did Drag-Queen-Tyra look more like Jennifer Hudson? (see http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/18th+Annual+Elton+John+AIDS+Foundation+Oscar+-mqNVuEHYPpl.jpg for a reference)

Excellent recap as always, Rich!


Hate. This. Cycle.
It's lost the cheesy magic.
That dress on Jessica, when she said she felt classy....bwahahahaha, for a street walker.
Yes, I truly hate this cycle but still enjoy your recaps.

RuPaul's show is fantastical and has better judges (Henry Rollins!!).


All those drag queens were BUSTED!! That must have been some serious part-time staff cause Lucky Cheng's has some great queens.


I am just thrilled about the fact that Raina yelled "Epic Failure" during the photoshoot. It doesn't take a lot to please me, I guess.


amazing recap!!...

Angelea's shot - what the front door was that!?


Mr. Four Four,
You didn't mention any thing that I thought you were going to mention this week: Anslee's runway walk, The girls being put into teams for no real reason, Anslee describing the idea behind a team.
When I saw that I thought "Oh, they're pitching Four-Four so many slow balls this week" But you surprised me. Way to do the unexpected.


Saw an Old Navy commercial for shorts the other day, and I couldn't help finding it online and posting it here -- Angelea's twin??



Angelea's shot is just hideous.What were they thinking????


Angelea? Really? I mean really? She looks like a drag queen and unfortunately does not realize the difference between "being real," and using her education to her advantage. I can't imagine Cover Girl wanting their spokes-model to be that "real."

As for the hair dresses - I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Spiders, snakes, naked photo shoots on the back of an ostrich - no problem. But real human hair? PHOBIC! Alasia was the only girl with a decent costume (?) and her photo the only thing resembling "fashion." It was stunning actually. Old HollyWood glamour... I personally thought Angelea's was the worst of the worst. She looks like East Texas roadkill...

Meh. Muse go back to work.


Is Eugenia in the Clinique skin care ads? If yes, I love b/c if I remember correctly her skin was an issue on the show. Like Yaya doing Noxzema or whatever she did all those years ago.

Anyway, someone please confirm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DnbD92eSsk




Rich, you know I love you and your ANTM recaps, but you thought Alasia's shot was better than Krista's? Okay, yes, Alasia did hit it on the nose immediately, but it's a FLUKE. At least Krista deserves that first class seat! And I too would pay money to watch all 22 hours of the Terrible Two classin it up on the plane.


As the only hazily discernible girl leading the sheep in that first shot, YES I DO FEEL ELIMINATED. I guess there's only room in the editing booth for one "plus-size model" per episode.


OK. Miss J in that pic above? TOTALLY Esther from Sanford & Son. I can't believe I never saw it before:


James McG

I think if Krista's modelling career proves to be unsuccessful (coz you just KNOW Karl Lagerfeld is on the phone to her as we speak)then she should pursue a career in physical comedy. Like Jim Carey or something. Seriously the way her limbs and her face move are unreal. Rich, promise me that the week she's eliminated you will create a Krista gif wall tribute!


As a New Zealander, I cannot wait to see the upcoming episodes. I'm placing bets on the cliched & stereotypical (holla ALT!) activities they'll participate in. Bungy jumping. A haka. Sheep Shearing. Abusing children. Binge drinking.


Please could Pat Cleveland be the next regular judge? Please? I would also accept the regular appearance of that cowboy.


The white canvas dress over the black lace was atrocious. I think they had leftover chair canvas and some cheap lace from the 80's and were told to "make it work."

I will not miss Anslee's grating voice. To see her in a CG commercial would have been way too painful for me. She should have been gone a few weeks ago.


Okay. I had to drive to Jacksonville for an immigration interview the day before this show aired. My husband was watching it with me when we came back. He asked me what was up with Alasia. I told him to give her a break because she's young and she's from Marietta, GA. He says, "Honey, we were just there. Remember that gas station where we filled up the first time? That's Marietta." So based on what I saw in that gas station, I can tell you now that Alasia is a genius. At least by Marietta standards.


<< On Alexandra's approximation of a shrub in The Lion King on Broadway... >> Oh dear, that was unfortunate. Eliminating the girls at this point isn't so hard, though...I mean, couldn't either of them have gone? And then, there's one or two lined up behind them. (starting with the Jersey type, brunette mall girl...what is her name?) I also thought it was ironic that Pat Cleveland was coaching the girls on projecting personality, when she hardly has one of her own. This season is so cheap...that rolled-out "runway" on a restaurant floor was a new low, production-wise. Did they drag it out of the kitchen?

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