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the second eye gif of alasia...? oh. my. god.


Awesome recap as always, but one thing I thought you'd mention this week: when all the judges had to say how tired they were, they said it pretty simply... except for Tyra, who "had insomnia and couldn't remember the last time she slept." I thought the way she had to one-up everyone else was pretty amusing.


Rich, my love, promise me you'll try your hardest to get an interview with Angelea when the cycle ends. PROMISE ME!


These always end too quickly.

Little Vicki is Lisa's tappa-tappa-tappa instructor.


~*aLL yA'LLz c0mMeNtS iz aNnoYiNg*~


and why does this so called labour government actively snatch up these fallacies and encourage society to practise them (shall we refer to them as fattists?)

alpine white teeth


Thanks for another great recap, Rich. If not for your recaps I wouldn't even bother watching anymore. BTW, we also had a lip synching contest in my New Jersey middle school. Our class slut danced alone to "Object of My Desire". Thanks for the memories!


W the F is ALT's issue with pointed toes? Seriously? That is not a cliché. But him saying that is rapidly becoming one.


I was disappointed you didn't have a gif of Alasia's face when they announced the overseas destination. All of the other girls were jumping and screaming and she just stood there, looking completely confused.


D--I thought that was Eugenia, too, when I saw the Clinique commercial!

Alasia's confused face gif is gold.

And I agree with Bert--is ALT a foot fetishist? Is that why he only talks about their toes and feet? Because he seems really fixated on what's going on down there.

This week my dad is visiting me and I have the unique opportunity of seeing if I can get him to sit through ANTM with me. I feel like this is going to be a social experiment. ^_^


Dear God, we have been so good.
Let there be Conchords in the upcoming episodes--I want to see the girls try to out-model Figwit and Jemaine's Big Giant Head. And please send them on a go-see during which they have to meet with Murray. And please make them do a catwalk to "Rock The Party."

In Edmund Hillary's name we pray, Amen.


Does anyone notice that the screenshot of Miss J kinda looks like Furonda??


"The joy of frivolity supersedes any interpersonal connection. I mean, duh. It's just where we are as a culture."

Rich. You should stitch that on a pillow. You are simply a verbal genius.


how come Raina was totally skipped over? did they show her pic? or her getting her pic taken?


"I would've killed for tappa-tappa-tappa."


Thank you so much for the Meet the Feebles reference <3



Funny they're going to land that gave us "Meet The Feebles", right? Love the Alasia GIFs. I'm not picking her to win, but I want her & Angelea to stay to the end. Also, I think your shirt is hilarious!

Dara (it's not right that someone else has my name and reads fourfour)

Love the tee-shirt, Rich!!!

Great recap.


Does no-one else see that Alexandra looks like an ostrich in a mating dance???

Also, Angelea's shot was bad beyond words.


I'm so happy you called out Tyra's Casual Chat voiceover in the recap of last week! Cuz ya know we're just girls all up in here havin' a gab sesh over some chili fries on the fake sleep-over set of the Tyra show. I love Tyra, cuz she's so REAL.


Jessica's dress looked like something Mira
Sorvino would have worn in Romy and Michele's High School reunion.

The Tyra drag queen was 110 times more Jennifer Hudson than Tyra. The only Tyra vibe she's giving off is the red hair. It looks like the hideous red shade that Tyra worked on cycle 5.

Grace O

Please someone tell me they noticed that Jessica was wearing running shoes at panel!

Maybe she was scared because ALT was not impressed with her choice of heels last week. So she scaled her footwear choice way back. But I'm sure that at some point early on in ANTM it was deemed that running shoes at panel was a BIG faux-pas. Generally you should be wearing some sort of heel. But fancy sandals or boots are also acceptable.

Is this just a rule that I made up in my head? I would think that SOMEONE would shoe-shame her for it. Since they were so fond of picker apart her previous heels. I was kind of sad when no one did.

I honestly miss the excitement of going to panel in cycle 11 because McKey was always wearing something good.


Love that cracked out movie - and what a great obscure New Zealand reference!
Love ya, Rich!


I love these recaps. They make my week!!

I'm surprised you didn't slap Tyra upside the head for asking Alasia "have you been to Canada? To Mexico?" when the girl said "I've never been outside of New York!"

Um. Tyra dear.

We Canadians live in a separate country. Contrary to popular belief, Canada is NOT an additional state.

Neither is Mexico.


Shelly, the cousin on your dad's side

"...why the fuck do you have to keep trying to make it even more perfect? It ain't a union." Ah, Rich. We the People Thank You.

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