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Angelea did say what school she went to, when she did the fake-proper voice: Lake Erie Community College in Buffalo. Very classy.


I don't get why Jessica's shoes were so horrifying. Looked pretty nice, to me.

But I am glad the soccer-mom-lookalike went.


I have to admit, that since I found this blog that I have started watching ANTM looking for moments that you will turn into gifs.

So imagine my surprise, when Alasia gets called and she does her crying-arm shaking thing and i think in my head "That is soooo a gif" and the Tyra herself says "We all have gifs Alasia ..." (okay, she said 'gifts' but my brain heard it as 'gifs')


I loved this because it had all the uncensored photos from the nude shoot.


Jessica looks like Ariel....


This might've been mentioned before (and I'm not actually sure if fourfour readers still even submit lookalikes), but I'm mostly terrible about skipping the comments. I thought Brenda looked just like Sikozu from Farscape.


I loved the jivey neck rolly thing. I can't stop looking at the gif of it. It's dancing to my music (now Thai club music. It fits scarily well.)

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