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Brenda = Howard the Duck


Great recap!

Seriously, you're the reason I keep watching this god awful cycle.

Also, the Laura-Bianca verbatim flashbacked me, for some reason, to beavis and butthead (one for the old folks out there).

S Dawg

Gravely... hahaha

Vanessa M

I never watch the show and think "Man oh man would I love to be in THAT house." Maybe if I could be in a house with just Celia, Allison and Laura. But anyways, this season makes me all kinds of glad I don't live with this potpourri of sociopaths, assholes and tabula rasas. Well, ok Raina seems like a nice girl. She'll probably confess her love for Leni Riefenstahl next week now that I've said that.

And speaking of Laura, I can definitely see the wisdom of pairing her and Bianca-two of the best confessional givers evah-but what is the point if they are fed canned and spectacularly non-witty lines? Particularly when both are so bad at delivering them. I was filled with such joy when I first saw that segment but it's turning out to be full of fail. On a positive note, Bianca looks soooo much better than she did after her Tyra makeover. That girl is striking.

(btw, I had The Hunger Games in my Goodreads queue for some time. You are going to force me to put it on reserve now I see.)

Heikki Quick

"They eat classy for breakfast and then throw it up all over each other in an offensive strike." Bwa ha ha!!! I love you.


Alasia GIFS were like GIFS from God!
I loved that u called Nigel on his bullshit about Brenda and her sideways eyes....
Angelea's girls not females quote was hands down the best thing anyone has said on this show since Jade mentioned elephants and dinosaurs in the same sentence.
I think this is the bitchiest house of girls in a while, i can't remember the last time things got so bad...this is worse than the time when tahlia and celia divided the house.
i never get to see the bianca laura banter during break,so that's always a treat to see.


There was so much yelling in this episode that I turned the volume down and ignored it until they got to the shoot. The only reason I powered through it was because I had your recap to look forward to.

Anne Noise

The Three (Two) (Oh, wait, I guess Alexandra is still around, so back to Three) Musketeers were downright sane compared to the vitriol that explodes out of Alaisa's face at all times.

But the fact that they were so prim and proper made them quite cunty.

Thank God Brenda is gone. Long live Bre 2.0!


1. My face hurts. Thanks for the good times, Rich!

2. Jessica is a witch. And I'm willing to go with racist - at least a bit.

3. EVERYTHING about ALT makes me laugh. Everything. And then I laugh again when you recap him.

4. ANTM is clearly doing something to me. A girl like me, from a rural town of proper-speaking white folk, should not have thought Alasia's “You can’t respect nobody damn else me," made such perfect sense that I had to actually listen to it to make sure YOU hadn't missheard (sorry - accept my apology. I will never doubt you again).


No wonder Jessica was "COMBATIVE"--Tyra told her she looked like a skank!


Hocus Pocus has been my secret favorite childhood movie for years, and really wouldn't we all be better off if we took wardrobe inspiration from that movie. I never leave the house without looking in the mirror and asking myself, would Kathy Najimy wear this? Sistaaaaahs!


Your ALT comments always have me laughing. You seem to have unique insight into his wizardly ways.

Does anyone else see Ed Grimley when Brenda nakes her short hair stand up? That was my instant reaction to the first shots of her this past episode. Poor girl is kinda goofy-looking, but not in a model way.


I completely lost it at "acute homing skills".


I thought Angelea said "A top 150 ranked Red Bull" school. That couldn't be good.


One of your best recaps. Plain & simple.


I assume I'll be called racist too.
ALTm spout nothing but nonsense - how the hell does he have anything to do with Vogue - or any written medium?

Tyra in the past had complained asking why it is always the black girls she casts that are the bitches. My question also.

Angelea looked soft and pretty in her shoot, far more so than any of the previous.

I liked Brenda's photos, so sad she is out.
I think Jennifer's problem was she had the nerve (or lack of sense?) to try to respond without crying that she's sorry and will never wear heels again.


How are Anslea and Krista still on this show? Don't get me wrong, Brenda needed to go but those other 2 shoulda done been gone by now! Can Naduah and Gabrielle be snuck back in?

Sue Ellen

Does anyone else feel like Alasia is a total piece of shit? She and that fat asshole from American Idol should have a histrionics competition--she can fall on the floor and pump her fists and he can pump his chest and point to Heaven faster and faster until their fucking heads explode.


You are briliant.


Was Alasia wearing the same gray t shirt at panel that they showed her wearing to bed the previous night when she was spying outside the confessional? WTH?


I think all my problems in life can be traced back to the fact that I was never accepted in a Redbook-endorsed school. Did anyone else notice that she said "Top 150"? You know Angelea is proud to have attended Redbook's number 149 Buffalo School of Cosmotology or something!!!!


Alasia's voice gives me the type of headache that I will wistfully miss, once she's eliminated


i probably shouldn't have read this at work, way too funny! love your recaps.

Adam O'Brien

I don't think Jessica and Raina are being racist, though I knew upon sight that it would be deemed as that. So I'm glad that you haven't seen things that way either.

If Alasia was black and didn't act the in the manner they were mimicking, it would be a different story. However, they're merely imitating her particular aggressive gestures.

People play the race card far too easily. Thanks again, Rich, for defusing it a little.


Ugh, Alasia is just too hood-rat, chickenhead to advance. It's not how she looks, it's how she behaves all Sh'Nay-Nay with the fingernail flashing. Embarrassing to black chicks.

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