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April 22, 2010



Oh my, so much mental defficiency in one video. I can hardly cope.


You can do one that features old people.


Everything is Terrible did this last September. They're in this month's Wired for it... here's a link to that video: http://www.everythingisterrible.com/2009/09/infomercial-hell.html


Kips, young people screw things up MUCH more often than oldies. Youngsters are most inclined to haul off and do things whether they have any knowledge of their subject or not... such as writing completely uninformed comments on a blog.


When did eating become such a hard task to accomplish correctly?


I wish they included the woman trying to sew her curtains with her giant sewing machine WHILE THEY ARE STILL HANGING, And the guy trying to make guacamole by putting an entire avocado in the blender.


Weezmgk, it looks like old people can completely misunderstand what kips was actually saying ...


People who make their lives that difficult might deserve their misery. Just sayin'.


I like the pets section, but what's wrong with that lady's boobs??

Katie A

That dog that can't make the bed jump is my favorite of all time.

Also love the drill-through-the-wall bit. Too funny.


I recognize most of this pointless objects designed to save me 10 seconds per day. But I couldn't figure out the one going with the spilled milk/oj/water. What solution is there that will keep people from spilling? Are there tables with glasses attached so it doesn't spill? Quite a quandrary.


I've been keeping a mental tally of these domestic bumbles for years. Dammit - guess I missed my chance.

The one that's missing here (besides the sewing of the hanging curtains one mentioned above), is the paper-towel-dispenser lady. She simply can't pull down and tear off a piece of paper towel correctly without turning her kitchen into a shambles. IT IS JUST AN IMPOSSIBLE THING FOR HER TO DO.

Thankfully, there was a remedy to her terrible plight which they proceeded to helpfully advertise. I don't remember what it was, but presumably it involved protective custody...


Holy god! Really??? I've been working on my version of this for months... thinking I was the only one obsessed with those parts of the infomercials. Hmph!


Hilarious! I love infomercials for telling me why my life sucks


I love infomercials for this very reason. They make it seem like doing everyday things are just so hard or you can't do them at all!


Who the hell gives up on squeezing a tube of toothpaste?!
Did they purposely use crippled dogs who could not jump up into a car or onto a chair or climb steps? Those were some big dogs!
Why couldn't that guy sit up straight to use his laptop?
How come that lady had to put all those things in her arms at once, when her kitchen was so small, she could have just taken a few extra steps to get everything instead of spilling her spaghetti?
These and many questions will never be answered, because we live in a world of utter Dumbasses.


Cracking an egg with the side of a fork! Now why didn't I think of that???! Oh, man.


admit it, you have all done these things and worse during your miserable lives.

i hate me.


Love this! It's always my favorite part of an informercial.

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