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Allow the vibrations of the light earth dream to dissolve ties of attachment to others in your life dance.

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All that pic needs is a big neonorange Newport logo!


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I would like to thank you for this post. I recently come across your blog and was reading along.

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Because of this gray area the army was forced change the policy that anyone who scores 270 or above on the test with at least 90 in each event will not be flagged for weight. I too am a physical trainer and an advocate for not really fat... but heavy, healthy and otherwise fit individuals.

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I didn't think it was perfect till I moved to this arm pit- puke hole!! God this place is the worst kind of hell hole you can imagine! I wouldn't wish it on Madelyn Murrahy O'hair, on second thought, I would!! Lol.She was an ugly atheist, and pinko, what a combo!!

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When voodoo corvo an IM boyfriend told me he could tell I was a little fatter than I admitted, I cut my food down to 400 calories a day and am now very thin and happy, although we now have no contact,I love that man for helping me in my endeavour to become model thin!

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At this point your dough should have some bubbles and be a little puffy. Add the olives and stir the dough again. Cover the pot and put it in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours.

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I wish they included the woman trying to sew her curtains with her giant sewing machine WHILE THEY ARE STILL HANGING

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Confucius said: “Even a person of Guan Zhong's ability, had he not obtained these three kinds of power, would not have been a ble to have his ruler fac

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