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April 08, 2010



just read this to my co-workers (who i rarely talk to because, like the disney inhabitants, they're not wierd enough). they loved it. i love you. you are such important part of my life, rich.


oh my god, oh my god...there's more!!! i only read up until the hilarious account of you snapping little girls.


You have just thrown gasoline on the fire of my determination to visit Disney World as a childless adult.


Disney World is my favorite place ever. Great report. :)


I CANNOT believe that the Holy Land Experience exists! I am going to Orlando in August and we were all looking forward to Harry Potter Land at Universal but now I want to add this to my schedule! DYING to see the DVD's you got! This post made my Thursday. I love you!(Is that weird? I dont care...I cant deny my love any longer)


Matt and I went to Disney three weeks ago and the same sky-writing was in the air! It happened while we were at Animal Kingdom, and it ended up being in every god damn photo we took of the giant tree in the center of the park!


my favorite gay blogger visits one of my favorite places on earth - well at least comes really, really close to visiting EPCOT. :)

seriously, you should go back and visit EPCOT if you liked the Magic Kingdom. It's designed for adults.


the tri-animal print was my fave

glad you had fun!


I'm so happy to see you didn't poopoo disney. When I saw the pic and heard you had been in Orlando, I thought, "oh god, another person who thinks its cool to make fun of disney" but I'm so glad you got wrapped up in the disney magic, even a jaded blogger like you! I know its horrible, but really, it is the happiest place on earth, and the only problems with it, in my mind are:

1. Its in Florida, the wang of america
2. Its too difficult to run away and live in disney full time, which is pretty much all I wanted to do after my very brief visit there several years ago (it wasn't really on the schedule for the vaca, but i insisted I had to go).


I'm glad you enjoyed Disney, Rich. We went about 18 months ago, and I loved it. We don't have kids, either. Epcot is definitely a must see if you plan to go back.

I think there should be a WinstonWorld with themed rides and food. The food experience could be completed by giving park-goers the chance to gnaw on inanimate objects like fast-food lids and chopsticks! I would be there in a second! :)


I agree with matt, I am so happy that you had a positive Disney experience. I am one of those weirdos who loves Disney, it is my favorite place to visit. I think it is because once I am there, I have nothing to worry about, I just enjoy myself. But I get tired of people giving me weird looks when they hear that my husband and I, who do not have nor have any desire to have children, love disney world. Glad to hear you aren't one of these types.
As for the other place, I never knew it existed, am not religious, but now I think I have to go see this for myself. How crazy.


This was wonderful! When are you and Tracie going to start doing Pot Psychology again? I've missed it.


I guess it's a completely different experience going to Disneyworld for the first time (or at least, for the first time as a childless adult), than living in the area most of your life like I did and and having Disney and theme parks shilled to you from every corner. It's probably the same for living in any tourist attraction, I would imagine.

Also, you went at a good time of year, as the weather has been great and what usually gets people the most crabby in the parks generally seems to be the unbearable humidity and temperatures and the ridiculous lines for all the rides during peak season. Try staying cheery when you've been waiting in line 95 minutes for the Kali River Rapids in 100˚F temperature and 95% humidity (and the FastPasses ran out at 9:30 am).

If you ask me, the weirdos seem to largely congregate at Busch Gardens in Tampa anyways.


Do they still have the Via Dolorosa musical show at the Holy Land Experience? I remember seeing it a few years ago and it was excellent. They whipped and crucified Jesus right in front of us!


More proof that you are the best.

I was there last Fall, and the Peter Pan guy from Pixyland.org and his wife were there for a Halloween party, where a lot of people were in costume so they blended right in. I saw Mrs. Tinkerbell and asked her if I could take her picture, and she said yeah. My approach (remember in case I ever see you in real life somewhere): "Excuse me, but aren't you famous on the Internet?"


You saw the holy skywriting! I live in the Orlando area, and I thought I was going crazy for a couple of days. It usually shows up above a shopping center I visit, so I guess any highly populated area will do.

My grandmother went to the Holy Land Experience once. She saw the Passion recreation they have, and was so moved when the children in the audience cried at seeing Jesus whipped, complete with fake blood. She took it as a sign of their great faith. I would assume that a child would cry watching anyone being tortured, but what do I know?


my parents dragged me to the HLE about five years ago when we were in Orlando. I had on a Wheaton College shirt (one of the best Xian schools academically, but still miles behind culturally) and some crazy guy started yelling about how they were letting the gays in. Turns out they let a gay rights group on campus once...


I'm fairly sure amusement park food only seems reasonably priced if you're from New York. I remember going to amusement parks before I moved to New York and thinking it was insane. After I moved to New York, they seemed perfectly reasonable. It's like Manhattan is its own special theme park.


I used to (well, still do but it's complicated) work at Disney and that sky writer was out maybe once a week. He has a few gems, but that and GOD <3 U were obviously his favorites.


1. You're the only person besides my husband and I that I know who has BEEN to the Holy Land Experience.

2. My money quote from the THLE was from a clerk in the gift shop: "Are you sticking around for the crucifixion? It really is a MUST SEE!" She was so (inappropriately) excited about murdering Christ that we HAD to stick around. It was everything we hoped it would be.

3. My fave part was the Melancholy Gladiator - some dude who had to act dejected while singing and dancing. It was hilarious and awesome, although the Resurrection was pretty good too.

We went on a lark and don't drink the KoolAid but I felt like it was worth every dollar. Also, the tour through the history of the bible thing was laughable and also scary/awesome.

White Chocolate

As someone from Orlando, I gotta ask:

(1) Did you go to Islands of Adventure (best coasters and beer (for drunken antics); or
(2) Downtown Orlando (for the clubs with Casey Anthony style party girls and aging goths)? or
(3) Sea World (KILLER whales); or
(4) EPCOT (for weird animatronics).

If not, you have to go back.


I've never been to Disney World buuuuut Disneyland (Anaheim) is the greatest place to ever exist. So there's that.


Oh, if you are interested in some real religious theme park action you'll have to get to Buenos Aires, home of Tierra Santa. There's a resurrection every 30 minutes (a HUGE Jesus coming out of the side of a mountain, turning slightly side to side while Hallelujah plays over the loudspeaker).

Google that shit. Then put up another Pot Psych, I'm getting antsy.


Next time you come to visit us, don't go to any of the theme parks. The real freaks and weirdos actually live in Orland itself, and rarely go to the theme parks. Great funny post as I always expect to get from you. :)
If you do come back, and go to a park. I suggest EPCOT. And if it's October - go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal.


omg could you PLEASE find a funder for winston world?

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