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Wow ...


I was going to post a number of sad things related to this post; but the fact that you paid $1 dollar for this at the Meeker Ave. Flea Market is the saddest thing of them all. What else should we expect from "Uncle" Luke?

I don't think I can ever shake my head enough.


I had to cover my eyes READING this, I have no idea how you could have watched it.


so, if this is freakshow 4....then that means there are three other versions too? good god. that said, this proves that rich can manage to make anything and everything awesome...for as bizarre and lurid as it is, i still enjoyed the write up.


I saw a similarly themed movie in high school at my friend's house called "Sideshows and Hos" that was parking lot sideshows interdispersed with footage of hookers putting various food items in their vaginas to Khia's "My Neck, My Back."

The best part: It was in the DVD case for "The Sandlot."

EZ Mac

I read the 69-ass-beer paragraph six times and I still can't figure out what is going on. But to be honest, that's a good thing.


A remarkable précis.


Hmmm. It was disturbing, but I couldn't help reading the whole post.


Woah, this is... really wild. Loved your whole description of it. Sounds hilarious but I don't want to risk my sanity with all the clits flying around heh.


I think this narration made me feel dirtier than pictures ever could.

White Chocolate

Oooooooh goodness. I want to see that video. I'd pay at least $5 for it!


this made me think of dancingbear!

Dr. Girlfriend

Your new banner really, really, echoes my feelings about this particular post.


a sad but realistic commentary on a subset of society


So can this video be used as proof of how destructive the heterosexual lifestyle is or is destructive a moniker we reserve for homosexuals who do the exact same things that many heterosexuals do but obviously it involves same sex persons so it's like more nasty?

I've long been surprised by homophobes who maintain the alleged "gay lifestyle" is destructive because all it revolves around is sex, drugs, and partying as if Uncle Luke, FreakNik, and Spring Breaks, around the country don't engage in the exact same stuff.

As a gay man I wouldn't want my kids around a single person in this video and yet I wouldn't dare use this particular experience to degrade, belittle, or slander all heterosexuals.

Sigh if only homophobes were as kind to my community.

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