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Always wonderous, Rich!

Sarah G

Great recap! I actually think Jessica looks more like Britney Murphy in that pic.


I'm surprised you didn't pick up on Tatiana Ramirez's resemblance to a precious moments figurine.


No gif of the belch! I hate to be ungrateful because you know I adore and love you, but i need it!


FIRST! Amazing recap, as always. Favorite part:

"Second of all, that's not changing a tire. That's fisting" A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!


Angelea should have her own "Imagine That" segments in this recap

this recap is AMAZING. I'm smizing with my pants down right now


"Tatianna couldn't be more Kylie Minogue if she went on to sweep every global Top Model franchise but lost the American one"

LMFAO, oh rich you slay me

Miss Lisa

The vampire shoot--I thought: why don't you just shoot the girls as if they were dead? Or murdered? Then I remembered: oh, they already did that. So now undead. Next: you are DIRT, girls. Turn into soil and decompose for our next shoot. Buried alive! on America's Next Top Model. How about falling from a building? Naked, while doing the CoverGirl lines? What--I'm just brainstorming. It's all about style.


better yet, since the photos are photoshopped anyway, why do they even have to wear those stupid contacts? you can easily photoshop in white eyes, but then their wouldn't be some meltdown to film.

Vanessa M

So, firstly it finally hit me this week that the Auto-Tuned farewell ditty from last cycle has disappeared.

Second, Anslee might be a little nuts but what exactly is the wisdom in telling a girl who said she couldn't hear (a lady with a pronounced accent giving vague instructions in fucking Times Square) that she needs to listen? So if I tell Tyra that I can't see what she has in her hand, will she tell me I need to look? And as the ending post-dismissal "pep" talk rolled around, it occured to me that maybe it's a sign I'm getting old and feeling motherly towards these girls but I really don't enjoy Tyra's humiliation of them at all. In related news, Nigel has been on this show too long and has become a complete asshat.

I am guessing they picked the white tub to contrast with the blood but I think the vast majority of us got a totally different vibe from that shoot. Remember how Tyra thought she was so controversial for doing an anti-smoking shoot? (if only this were the 1950's.) If you want to be controversial and relevant, how's about really going for it and shooting a NARAL ad?

I missed this on Wednesday btw and caught the rerun on Friday. Interestingly, they do not rerun the Model Lounge.


Hey I wonder if that "instant facelift" effect is why Timbaland does it in his every video! (They SO need Timbaland on this show.)

Also: a gif of Tatianna's titty run: aaaaah. I was waiting for that one the whole week and now my life is complete. I feel hypnotized and can only thank you for making it so.

I wonder when they are gonna have an all-fatso cycle on ANTM? Better yet, a fat, short AND old cycle, because then I could enter! And I would SO be there to make friends.


Ugh. Everytime I see Brenda, all I think of is Howard the Duck. Why is this girl even here?


Awesome recap, Rich! I only watch for Jessica's shenanigans and your recap!


that was a fantastic recap! how gross and corny was that jay manuel gay blade thing? why is brenda ruining her birthright by being such a baby? i expect a lot from a girl with such a holy name... and lastly, i think that angelea is such a treasure that she needs to become a permanent fixture around these parts. like an advice column, or charm classes, or something!


Seriously, what does Tyra have against educated women? Yale girl and Duke girl both out in the first 3 episodes of the show.


After seeing Dania Ramirez's covergirl commercial 100x this weekend, I can totally see why she picked Tatiana. That's pretty much all she does in it -- she even gives a wicked stink eye at one point.


Did anyone else notice that Alasia had that silver swimsuit on under her shirt at the Upright Citizens' Brigade teach?

I mean... WTF? I love her.


Angelea's hair is going to need its own spinoff soon. WTF is happening there? It has gotten to the point where all I see is that hair and, therefore I miss all the joy of seeing how whacktastic she is.

Also, for what it's worth, I did NOT think "period" when I saw this scene. Now it's all I can see. Thanks Rich. I am scarred for life. ;-)


Angelina's too skuzzy to go any farther. Also, why does Tyra have to make at least one black girl the hot-head every cycle? This time it's Alysia. Tatianna has a weird mouth.


Dude, I love your writing! Please be my internet bf. Thanks.


Can someone please please please tell me how to make animated gifs from video? All the tutorials I can find think I'm trying to make original animations from still images but I just want to be able to make gifs like these!

vitamin b

wait, you mean to tell me that a child described giving herself an enema via the pool jet and then, using the contents of her colon, propelled herself to the surface like some sort of submarine? Kids are so fucking gross! Harrowing. Yes.


@ x:


Anslee needs a haircut next.

Eh, she'll probably be the next to go anyway.



pun half-intended.

The photos sucked this week.

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