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Plug it up! Plug it up!


Am I the only one who saw Alasia as a dead ringer for Angela Bassett in "Vampire In Brooklyn" with that hair?


Your "advertorializing" segment was super.


I've had it with this show! I was doing recaps only for the past few cycles, but decided to give the show another go by watching it and reading Rich's recaps. I am hating Tyra, Jay Manual, Nigel, and now ALT so much with their stupid antics and asinine comments. I mean, Tyra isn't at all serious at panel, it's all fun for her at those girls' expense! She was being overly irritatingly stupidly dramatic at last panel, I wanted to reach through the TV and slap the hell outta her! Yep, it's recaps only for me from now on.
Also, Alasia is not pretty! She is ugly inside and out! Simone was the prettiest girl there. Perhaps she'll get signed anyway, and it was to her benefit to be eliminated from this joke of a show.


Why has no one noticed that ATL looks like the mayor for the future in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?

Shelly, the cousin on your dad's side

Riiiiiich! I knew you'd pull through for me. When I saw Tatianna's boob bounce I jumped off the couch yelling gif! gif! gif!


Now I'm torn between who makes me curl up in a ball sobbing and shrieking "The TEEF! The TEEEEEF!!"

Should it continue to be Joe Biden, or should I switch to Tatiana? Help me.

Alasia's dance picture looks like an ad for "Revelations" but without the oomph, parasols, or hot men.


Rich--Your recap of ANTM is like the shining beacon in an otherwise dull week! :)


I'm glad you pointed out Anslee's contradictory advice at panel. Fault 1 @ mime challenge - they told her to listen more. Than when she did listen more at the photo shoot - they faulted her for basically listening too much.

I love this crazy bullshit.


I'm surprised you did not mention when Tyra was flippantly discussing "breaking down" the models with ALT.

Acai Optimum

Vampire shoot!! I hate


In that Covergirl gif, it looks like Alasia's whipping that bottle out from under her skirt. And Angelea's all: 'Nuh-uh, that shit ain't for internal use'.

I'll be glad to see Anslee go back to her pool hall. However, I'm glad she stuck around long enough for us to see that hilarious split-second shot of Angelea scratching her be-weaved scalp during The Battle of the Frozen Peas. Comedy gold.


HAHA you are one funny fucker Rich! Thanks for blogs they really brighten up my week. x


angelea has the same ashy perimeters around her eyes as that nasty vienna from the bachelor.


I really thought that Tatianna looked a hell of a lot like Blake Lively with those contacts.


The pool jet girl was so funny I think I almost lost my job laughing. My friends and I gathered around the tv to watch Tyra and her minions every week for three years. Now I live in Armenia, and ... well ... you help me remember.

(I think I sound like an old maid WAY out of her prime... probably holding a glass of bourbon and staring out the window... eek. Also... how did Tyra Banks become something to be nostalgic over...?)


please let it be anglea vs. jessica in the final.

ps. i like how tyra has thrown all pretense of fashion and modeling out the window. pure unadulterated tyrrrrrash!


I can't get over how quickly Tatianna is able to hair-flip, neck-rip, and smile in that gif!

Fantastic Recap, Rich. I've never posted, but I've been following this beautiful stuff since cycle...4? Wait, when did you start? Yeah, then. Yay!

Just wanted to mention: did you know that our dearest frontrunner Raina has a blog that she's been updating with cute posts after each episode? V. entertaining for the those of us who are reluctantly obsessed...


Rich! How did you miss that Alasia had on her much maligned silver swimsuit underneath her green sweater during the citizen's brigade challenge!


has anyone noticed that tatianna looks like tahlia?
that's probably the reason why i hate her


In that GIF of Angelea rubbing her hands together, she's Michael Wincott.

Solar Information

What a beautiful thing you did, helping your daughter create this project with such love and originality. I think you should ask the teacher if she objected to the stabbing story and then ask her why.

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