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Raina's make-up was the most dreadful thing I've ever seen. How was she supposed to look good with that?


Just realized that Angelea reminds me of Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus in those gifs.


OMG. One of the best in a long time (Not that you've been slacking, your recaps are always fab). Angelea is so entertaining! She kills me, but I can say that about Jessica and Alasia as well. I was hoping you'd make a GIF of ALT shaking his stick.

Thank you Rich, I really needed some laughs.

Raina FTW!


I'm sure it's been said before.. but I think I just might look forward to your recap more than the actual show.

Love you!

Eva Pigford

Anslee we call "asshole".


I only watch the show now for your recaps ... Man I hope Jessica wins ...


That 'shy male model' bit was so cringe-worthy I could barely watch. Anyone else think Alasia is really crazy on the inside?


YAY Rich-

The only good thing about Monday am is your recap. Lightbulb head Tyra and ALT crack me up. You are the best!


Angelea looks like Janice the muppet in her photo! Legit, google it! <3

Crazy about the girl


Love love love it! But you forgot to point the best thing about Angelea's window pose - not the blurred out ass but the FOOT once again!


Yet another person loving The Hunger Games...guess that goes on my wish list next.

I'm all about Raina but Jessica moved up in her standings the moment she called Nigel Sweet Cheeks!


Will I be the only one to comment about the Hunger Games... Maybe.

Your post prompted me to search for any signs of a movie in the works. I stumbled upon this gem:

Johnny Depp as Haymitch. Half the cast Twilight playing the tributes. Oh my...


Angelea ALWAYS looks like a drag, can't understand why they praise her pictures (obviously the y keep her for her bus station life story). in this shot she looks like a tranny prostitute.


Omg, I second Angelea as Janice the muppet! Nice!

And holy cow, I had to watch the "shy male model" schtick on mute--it was so awkward I couldn't stand it. Ugh. I cringed.

Nice job tying in The Hunger Games. I love those books (the third book comes out soon!). yay! ^_^


Tyra's outfits at panel - she's dressing like Vivian Banks from Fresh Prince. Is this fashion?


I just can't wait for Supermodel Ed Grimley to be a guest judge on the panel. Ed Grimley, Pat Cleveland and André Leon Talley together!
Excellent recap!


ALT's baton demanger, backscratcher, was a highlight for me this week.


1: YES to the Elizabeth Berkeley thing. I've been saying it daily since the photos were released, much to the general indifference of my friendbase. So thank you.

2: Yes also for a picture of Jerri Blank. Wasn't a fan of the movie, but any Jerri is better than none.

3: Thank you times infinity for that picture of Brenda looking like some half-melted Harryhausen creature. Made my day.


the Angelea gif wall will haunt my dreams in the best possible way.

Vanessa M

My heart sank when I saw the final two and chanted "Not Tatiana." Alas.

I rolled my eyes at the subject of the photo shoot as well but several commenters over at Jezebel have said that the knock-off market actually does finance crime and support poor working conditions, underage labor, etc. So there is that. Of course, no one watching the show would know any of that since they didn't mention it. And, Tyra's praise of Angelea's picture (which was awesome for being defiantly knock-off?) kind of-wait, totally-negated the whole moral of the shoot anyways.

In closing, Brenda sucks and Alaysia is mentally ill.


Actually, I was quite impressed with Jay Alexander's advice re: cross eyed males because I used to have a cross-eyed boyfriend and Miss Jay was spot-on!


Loved your recap Rich! Especially the shout out to Hunger Games. Can't wait for book 3!


I don't even try to keep up with the show anymore I just read your recaps. XD


I'm pretty sure she's drinking pineapple juice from some canned pineapple in that shot, not bean juice... Although I think that because I do it, and I'm totes not a model, so maybe models are all about bean juice?
::goes off to guzzle garbanzo bean juice::
Also, Hunger Games + Jerri Blank + Ed Grimley = why I love this blog so much.


I am watching more and more of each episode in fast-forward each time. This week: the entire bit in the gondola.

Kudos for pointing out they should have dumped Tatiana on the week she DIDN'T get a good shot. How much "potential" can Alexandra have if she can't even luck her way into a single good picture

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