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I'm So Into You

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Bar stoors

In my head I'm hearing this on the stage as a spoken-word performance. I would love to hear this at an open mic or poetry slam!! Beautiful. Provocative. Inspiring. Thanks.


It all comes down to economics, I suppose, and how business in different countries try to fight their relative cultural baggage, in order to boost productivity, increase political stability, reduce wages, and increase efficiency.


Thanks, Gary. It just occurred to me the euphoria could have been delusional. My estimation as to how high the bullets actually were might have been pure hallucination.

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That would be fine if that is what happened. But, despite your obvious business expertise, there is a chance that all books will someday be sold online.


The writing here was exquisite, with great flow and a compelling tale. I relaxed at your epiphany when you figured out that the danger was being exaggerated.

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This is an amazing piece that kept me reading on the edge of my seat till the end.

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Everyone deserve the right to find the right one. Sometimes it just takes time which is pretty precious at some ages.

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What a great article Bert. One of the worst things about this recession is how so many good workers like you, folks with ambition and diligence, how been sidelined.

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You are so funny! Though I'm not an expert, your descriptions of the French perfectly matches my perception of them, especially the fear of embarrassment.

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A whole bunch of stores have already started with the Christmas displays here, too. What's up with that

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Very beautiful tribute, my ears are teary as I write this, it is an anniversary for me as well. I lost my mom 6 years ago today, on Halloween, I still think of this as a unusual time to have died. But that is the date, I loved your memorys, as they show her attentive touch, grandmothers just know.

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That was beautiful and made me use up at least 4 tissues. Your Grandma would be so proud of you, obviously the seeds she planted have flourished.

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