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April 30, 2010



Such. A. Tit.




I don't care that he's a bastard of epic proportions, I will love him until I die.

Now I'm off to reapply A&D ointment to my new, Oasis-themed tattoo.


I'm kind of surprised you liked this documentary. It's not only dry, but it leaves out a lot of information and kind of randomly skips around. I thought it was a mess.

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I'm really surprised upon seeing this video.. Phew.. Anyways, thanks much for sharing this one.. :P

Jacqueline Howell

As if I needed another reason to love Four Four...coincedentally I was nursing a hangover after a great night out of revisiting Britpop/Manchester etc.at a small club in Toronto...when I watched this hilarious vid and followed it to your review of No Distance Left to Run- which my day was then dedicated to finding and watching. Thank you for the Blur doc piece, I too was literally and unexpectedly moved to tears and it is amazing to consider the way we all felt at that age not so long ago pre-cyncism and before technology changed the way we process and digest and dispose of music.
By the way..if you find a little revival of this music in Manhattan I truly feel you will recapture that elusive feeling you articulated in the Blur piece, it's pure joy and like I always imagined religous euphoria to be when I hear the music of that time and place..the stuff that has never been watered down or overplayed and actually mostly forgotten and mercifully left pretty pure.

I find Liam and Noel Gallagher to be very entertaining in their interviews rather than the music, while Blur's doc makes an interesting and honest case about growing up and facing yourself and your bullshit..and that friends can be closer than brothers. And as we all are older now it's sort of poignant to watch those babyfaced dolls get weathered. You are right, Alex was/is the hot one and Graham is so lovely he deserves to lauch a 1000 cat names.


Well sounds like a business men talking, the world has change a lot in the last years everything you see are business, everything, a sad reality that we can't change.

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The best piece of fatherly advice about making your mark I think I have ever heard. Thanks for noticing me and providing a friendly hand when I first got to posting here.


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