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First! LOVE IT.

Guy Deluk

This cycle is gold already! J'adore! Longue vie à toi Rich!

Guy Deluk

Plus - acceptable sheep is fierce. Sheep ftw - Raina will still go with it - agreed with you right from the start

Vanessa M

You'd think out of all countries, New Zealand would be the place to wear Ugg boots without shame. It's a sheepy place. They acted like she came in wearing black Reebok high-tops and leg warmers.

Angelea is just in the wrong cycle. If only we could see her club walk when they did that CoverGirl commercial that was improvised at a party (you know, the one with Jade's "I feel FAB-ulous.")

Angelea actually reminds me so much of Jade in the sense that she is quite lovely until she opens her mouth. And btw, this:

"Ed Hardy makes toilet paper? Fly up my butt. Haaaay!"

was pure sunshine.

Guy Deluk

Huddled prositutes? Magic! I must love the terrible ones too I guess


I await the Angelea catgifwall with delighted anticipation!


I don't even watch this show, I just love reading these recaps.


Did anyone else notice the number of times Angelea's hairdo changed when she was in the cab for the go-sees? I swear at one point her hair changed 5 times within a span of 30 seconds.


That group of Maori warriors/model greeters were also used in on of the past seasons of the Amazing Race. I think each shirtless Maori had a 'tribal' drawing on his back, and one team mate had to match up the drawing with another drawing that was somewhere else [on a piece of paper, or a drawing on another dudes back? I don't know].
So I don't remember exactly how that segment went, but I have seen those dudes before and they were doing the exact same thing!
America's next top model, ya'll are unoriginal!


ALT may have been trying to be clever, since a 'wether' is a castrated sheep. Wether-ing heights?


i love angelea she looks like the cutest troll with this hair! but i guess shes not going to win because shes a mother?
id love to see krista winning but i think shes too old. raina is so going win rupauls drag race!


I fly with Air NZ all the time (on coach) and I thought it looked suspiciously like Business class - they do have a class called Premium Economy though which kind of bumps Business into First Class status, I guess.

Hooray for the Tyra and Maori gifs!

Deanna Destroi

The "greeting" dance is actually a pre-battle dance. Maori warriors would eat the opponents they defeated, and that's what the sexy tongue-waggle means: I'ma kill you, then I'ma eat you.

When those guys made that gesture to the "models," I laughed until I cried.

Also, if you've never been to Canada, Rich, there's always room in my Ottawa home for you. :)


I don't know, man. Prince has got to be the cutest little sheepy alive. I think I love him.


was it just me or did everyone forget that jessica had a hubby and kid? she's never really talked about them...or maybe i just blocked it out? they aren't using it as an angle with her like anslee or others...just a braindead thought on a monday morning (pst).


The GIF of the sheep chewing totally made my day.


Did anyone notice how ALT basically bashed Angelea's dress UNTIL she sd it was some designer (won in a previous episode) and then ALT quickly shut up and Tyra came in quickly that the dress was fine...the problem was the hooker wearing it. Oh wait. Tyra didn't say that exactly - but regardless ALT based the dress and Tyra had to speak up fast.


Thank you for the Pretty Party! I was going to start begging for one, but you just knew it was time. Well done.

Deanna- loving this info on the Maori. It really brings new meaning for the viewer. :o)


Oprah needs to follow Angelea around and narrate her life.

Where are my Conchords?


The "greeting" dance is actually a pre-battle dance. Maori warriors would eat the opponents they defeated, and that's what the sexy tongue-waggle means: I'ma kill you, then I'ma eat you.--Deanna Destroi

Yes! Yay for Haka!

The New Zealand All-Blacks rugby team does the Ka Mate before every home game. It's fucking amazing.


This makes my Monday, great recap as usual! And yes I agree wouldn't New Zealand be the place for Uggs? Prince is a cute sheep tho.

fo sho yo yo

I wish we had gotten to see the girls go shopping--cuz they obviously did. Jessica was wearing a blingin Maori koru necklace made from greenstone at the go-sees which means that they actually did have time to prepare for the go-sees.


awesome!!! love your reviews :-D greetings from germany


The lol's keep on comin'


As a kiwi, we don't like uggs. People with uggs are either a. Tourists or 2. skanks.

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