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May 20, 2010



Rich: you rawk out with your cawk out and I just luv you, dude.


This is an excellent drink for Angelea and ALT to share. It would be perfect if they flew back to the US on Soul Plane.


Wow. Now THAT show did nothing to dispel the impression of racial bias now did it.

The way she mock Raina over and over with the horns and tail.
...for talking about behind the back comments, while Krista and others repeated talk about her behind her back. while TB glosses over the irony of them talking about her. Or how about it appearing that Krista(?) reading Raina's journal and then calling her out-especially when she did look like a drag queen.

My mother caught part of the show - but after the roach - gross - and could not believe what pigs they were.

I have to say I was disappointed in Brenda - girl you do not help yourself by how you acted (and I'd felt sorry for her, since the way they styled her, led to her loss.

That really was a classless hour.


OMG! It just dawned on me...where's the crying count spreadsheet from this cycle??????????? How will I ever find out who cried the most per episode!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding, though I am suddenly really missing it!


I'm starting to thing that the most awesome thing every would be a show similar to Curb Your Enthusiasm starring ALT.

Amy Grace

Is it just me, or did Mr. Jay say something very like "I'm not here to make friends?" in one of the NZ photoshoots? Something along the lines of liking a girl very much but not being here to hang out.

Regardless, you consistently amaze me. Thank you for being awesome, and thank you for putting it on the internet.


ThanKS Good Post


Don't hate. Alize is delish.

Of course, I'd just as soon drink Kool-aid spiked with vodka, but I like girl drinks.


Angelea kinda needs to be on every cycle of ANTM from here on out.


I love you so much. When will Angelea be on your couch? Can I come?


What about insane-o Pat Cleveland's runway walk? That needs a .gif!


the cycle 15 winner will get a Vogue Italia cover, WOAH


Is Wendy Williams still on the bottles of Alize?

Chubby Bunny is dangerous, you guys. My mom is a nurse and told us that she had seen kids almost die playing it, and when my brother and I were camping, she announced that "you have lost your marshmallow privileges." It would be cute if we weren't 15 at the time.


"Don't get it twisted"? Oh, Angelea, Jade you are not, but still amusing.


Didn't Ebony cycle 5 say that?


Girl got taste. True.


The Original Wicker Man is so creepy amazing... please tell me you saw the unedited version containing the naked wall dance.


Tyra hearts Tyra

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Cool video, I think the show is missing something, maybe a different plot or more girls.


I remember the burgeoning dread as the day went on, and the stone that seemed to settle permanently in my stomach when my parents called and told me not to let my little brother near the TV before they got home.

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The terrorist attacks of 9/11 marked the end of my own political innocence. Before that day, I thought we were invincible. After that, I didn't. But Bin Laden's death isn't the end of the boogey man for me. The 9/11 attacks may have opened my eyes to the terror the world can hold, but that's not something his death can end.

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Hey Man, I love Google and my Android phone too! Glad to see it coming and Hi Cathrine! Gorgeous and talented as ever I see.

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Hey another woman who like Chuck too, we can't talk about it so who knows how many are out there HA!Loved the movie too. I like bleak and tough, and breakneck speed writing.
Maybe I'll be sitting next to you on the way to Vegas and we'll somehow reveal our membership.

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That bubble is really pretty. I love your posts. Ah booze....I just wrote a post about it messing up relationships as well- in the opposite way of yours.

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I'll trade you ted's aviators for a mike jackson wig; okay, okay, I'll throw in the nail clippers and 2 pages of the 15th manifesto.

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