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May 12, 2010




And though I preferred Raina, Krista beasted these last few weeks.


I am so glad you never put the winner on the front page anymore since that one time when I freaked out b/c the west coast didn't know that shut your mouth and say it ain't so won yet.

Have enjoyed your recaps once again Rich!


I am actually on the West Coast and got spoiled by the RSS feed. But daz OK.

I *liked* Raina better but, yeah, Krista performed better in the end. And I don't think they would have chosen the same *kind of* girl (white weird-but-so-striking-looking sweet girl) two cycles in a row so I had figured Raina wouldn't be the winner weeks ago.

Funny though. I was re-watching Cycle 12's Celia's interview with Rich yesterday and it struck me that Celia got booted because she was "too old" at 25 but somehow 24yo Krista's age never came up outside of her semi-finalist comment about this being "her last chance" to qualify for the show. Girl is good enough as far as the show goes but she ain't exactly more fresh-looking than Celia was. Just another fascinating example of the shifting nonsense that the judges use as criteria.


Sometimes girls don't win because they have modeling contracts lined up.

Abe Froman

I wish they had let us know ahead of time that there would be a "volleyball" drinking game. I felt so unprepared.

Also, the season went by so quickly that I forgot to comment until now that I'm confused as to why Seth Rogen (okay, okay--his voice-twin) did the theme song this time 'round.

Can't wait for your recap(s), Rich!


Thanks for ruining it for me after a night of heavy drinking.


Yay for Krista.

Boo for "first!1" comments.

Amanda Taylor

As an Arkansas native I have to point out: TWO WINNERS FROM ARKANSAS!

And Bill Clinton?

Man. We are the awesome!


WOW they made that racist bitch win...that sucks...
ppl go back to first episode where she said she doesnt like white guys...cuz their penises dont look right...they look raw to her...
for tyra to even have this girl going on is a discrace... nevermind winning....
i will not further watch this racially based show where a girl thats clearly racist wins..


That may be my favorite animated gif of all time.

anna d.

My bff Laurel pointed out tonight that Krista is voice-twins with Andre 3000 and I think she couldn't be more right.


Dear obvious, all a white guy has to do is wear a tinted condom and it's good to go. It's not like she said she didn't like them because they were tiny. You've still got a shot!

Alta White Teeth Whitening

like if someone messed up a friendship completely and later they ask to make amends a few times, would not giving a final chance be ok. can people find peace knowing that they withheld forgiveness.

Alta White Teeth Whitening

something about the girl


I expect to see a lot of algebra in your recap 'cause Krista was all about NUMBERS, NUMBERS, and NUMBERS!

And when I saw the hairy skirt that Raina wore at the final the first thing I thought was, "Gosh, that one surely does not get Brazilians..."


Krista is the ugliest winner ever....


When they got to sit down and talk to ALT, why didn't anyone ask about the horn!?!?


OMG, the Clue reference is so spot-on. I'm giddy thinking of how awesome it would be if Parker Brothers made an ANTM version. I missed the finale last night because I was out at a drag show (a suitable substitute), so I look forward to the recap.


Obvious - you are right, but ALT was right there with her. He pushed for Krista, Alasia, and Angelea at every turn - *even Alasia's stupid ass shot. He's cream over them and trash the others.

MOn - I'd say Teyona is. I really never liked Krista and she normally looked harsh and severe but they did soften her up in some of the shots in the last hour (I figured at that point they were going to pick her for sure.)

But agree about the age BS - based on what she said, I assumed she was 25, and yes WTF was with telling Renee and others that they were TOO OLD - when they looked younger than her.


I do think Krista is rather hideous (despite the lovely skin) but nobody can out-ugly Teyona. I hate every one of Teyona's shots. At least Krista had some nice pictures.

While I don't think Raina did that well in the finals either, her Covergirl picture was absolutely stunning. A shame we have to see Krista's dead eyes in selected Walmart stores for approximately 5 months.


I am laughing so hard at that gif that I'm crying! Clue: Gay Edition. That is killing me!


Is this real life? I am pleasantly surprised, but only because Raina's personality made her less and less attractive.

Also, my skin crawled when Jay Manuel was explaining the covergirl commercial and photoshoot order by saying the girls would "flip-flop." That sound bite needs to be combined with last week's, "ooh, I like that," whisper.


I was just happy to see one of the girls from NZNTM cycle 1 during the runway show.


OH man, I didn't get to watch it yet, and Google Reader displayed your whole post. Boooo.

Sad that Wolf Eyes didn't kill the competition with her Pollyannaisms.


I always LMAO at all these comments from people complaining about being spoiled. I have an idea, if you don't want to be spoiled, then don't go into a blog where ANTM is one of the most discussed subjects the day after the finale airs. I think its common sense, no?

Vanessa M

It becomes irrelevant so quickly in fact that now that I've seen the winner (ftr, not complaining as I intentionally clicked the link to read the rest of the post) I may just delete it off my dvr. Especially since Krista is just a big old meh for me. There have been worse winners though and at least they didn't try to give it to Alaysia.

I did manage to catch Angelea's graceful exit. Good on her. Sigh. She was the most interesting. Raina was the most striking and likable. I'm still mourning the mortuary assistant chick being let go because she might have a week without a good picture. I'm glad my job doesn't hinge on such shady criteria.


Krista won, yeah like that was a surprise.
Very disappointed, she lives in Las Vegas and keeps harping on her small town up bringing - she came across as mean, self centered and shallow, she won the show but that will be it for her. I have never seen a contest so slanted and Krista appears old and rigid in her photos, would like to know the real reason she won. Raina, you know that title was yours, put it behind and go.

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