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I hope you noticed how Nigel switched places during judging - I guess Ms. J's hat was just too much for him. Or something.


IMHO, Raina is a Cover Girl but Krista is a model... There is a difference. Didn't particularly like either one as a person but both were/are far more ready for life on the runway/mag racks than Angelea who honestly needs to see more of the world and stop complaining about getting out of the horrible one she lives in now. I honestly hope she will do it. Then I hope one of her frenemies will send out a gif image to all of her other frenemies of her walking up to the judges in the dress she won acting like Queen of the Disco - because I am mean like that.
I don't really know if I would have picked any of the top 4 to win, but since I have forgotten the rest of them already I guess the judges made the right choice.


OMG @ Zod.
You are my hero.


once they gave krista the saliesha penis head wig for the runway i knew she had it in the bag. i think wolf eyes will go far. and by far i mean JC penny.


ALT was so weird in the last panel! Krista's covergirl pictures and her commercial were not so brilliant..
Raina really deserved to win because Tyra has picked girls who had better cover girl pictures and runway walks over the ones who were consistent all season *Naima* however Raina's walk was suckky


i must be going soft, but i found alt crying at krita's win quite touching. think krista is a good winner, she might be 24 but she doesn't look it imo. however, poor alexandra was robbed i think. she is just a stunning plus size girl (surely it takes more discipline and hard work to be plus size but all toned up with a flat stomach than it does to just stop eating? don't ask me, cos - none of the above apply), and like another commenter said i thought her little air hostess runway thing was cute as a button.

i bet tyra is kicking herself for making whitney her token plus size winner when alexandra was in the offing a few cycles later.


Well, despite the editing, I was confused! A black girl is only supposed to win every third cycle! (3, 6, 9 and 12 so far, Naima doesn't really count.) Damn Tyra for breaking the pattern!


Oy vey I am just glad it's over. I must really be an addict cuz this season was AWFUL. Blechitude. Duh Krista won, Tyra and co. were jizzing over her at least the entire 2nd half--they didn't even try to psych you out. There are so many things I can say (or scream at my tv) but I am the most shocked that Covergirl allowed that girl to be their new star (albeit briefly in the trade press). Her commercial and bad headshot so blatantly sucked and Raina absolutely killed it! Should I stick it out for the next "cycle"? no. But I probably will.


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I'm really happy that she won. She deserves it. All her hard ork paid off.

Easter Buffy

The moment that Raina lost the title: when she did not cry in Tyra's arms after the runway show. It's always the kiss of the death if you don't give Tyra what she wants: tears and a strong arc to your story. Give her a strong woman who's gracious and un-irkable? Death on ANTM.


This season was a bust. Raina was the clear winner to me - her face is just mesmerizing. Krista had some serious butta-face photos and a mega-bad attitude. Tyra is insane - she acts like a rabies-dog on her show and plans to write a book about models in a harry potter like school with super powers?!?! I can't stand it that people pay her to be so ridiculous. I could come up with assinine ideas too - just pay me.


dear rainer,

all your fans are lame, annoying and tasteless morons without any kind of humour just like you.

gosh have you seen her cheeckbones? yeah me neither cause she aint got any. rainer is not a model im sorry! also she tried to compensate that with being cute all the time urgghh


like if someone messed up a friendship completely and later they ask to make amends a few times, would not giving a final chance be ok. can people find peace knowing that they withheld forgiveness.

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Because EVERYONE should bow to you and YOUR opinion. Wipe.


MARLO: you're right on the money

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Thank you, you always get to all new and used it

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I am so glad you never put the winner on the front page anymore since that one time when I freaked out b/c the west coast didn't know that shut your mouth and say it ain't so won yet.

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This is a workshop of your life. I need to perfect that "writing my way to another life" technique!

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And your friends over here on the west edge are the happy recipients of your cross-country cookbook-writing adventure. Reinvention is your gig, Patricia. Writing about that will one day happen, I have no doubt at all. Terrific post, woman.

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