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May 12, 2010


Elle rose

I knew Krista was going to win once the covergirl photo's were discussed by the judges. Raina's looked beautiful, and Krista looked dead, dull, and old. I thought, "this should even things for Raina. She won this part of the finals" and then the judges nit picked Raina's photo, and found any little thing to glorify Krista's dead-behind-the-eyes shot. There should have been no question to Raina's photo being better, but instead they skewed it to make Krista win that as well. There was no hope for the nice girl.


I knew it was over for the fabulous Angelea when ALT referred to her challenge win clothes and said she'd have nice things to wear when she got home. And what was with the very poor attempt at blurring out her chin zits at panel but not in her confessional?

Krista looks like an alien

I think I'm done after this season. They are so Krista VERY unattractive to me, inside and out. Plus they never ONCE harped on the fact that she basically made the same face every picture and she didn't have the smize like Raina. This season was DRECK! The only bright point for me were your recaps. I commend you for creating so much humor with such dreadful pickings of subject matter.

It also irked me to no end how Krista kept calling Raina fake and Krista is the one who kept drama stirred up in the house, always sabotaging people and doing all those over-the-top exclamations whenever she won a challenge or best picture.

I hate Krista!


I'm just grateful that Angelea and Alasia weren't in the finale.
And I know also, Raina's mighty eyebrows will conquer the fashion world and beat Krista's ripply forehead.


Amazing that Krista won: she has pipe-face like half the hookers downtown.


I remember Krista saying some crap about how no one like her had won before.

No one hideous, "dark-skinneded", alienesque, undeserving, reptilian, from a small town in Arkansas?

Face it, everyone: Krista IS Teyona, back for another shot. Oh, damn, I'm pissed. I wasn't as into anyone this cycle as I have been in the past (hi, Allison!), but ugh. Krista?! Though I do agree, Raina is sweet and striking and white, like Nicole. Two times in a row? Heavens no.

How the fuck is this "bigger than her"? Because she's black? Like Krista's the most important black winner yet? Please. This title was Raina's. You were robbed!


I actually cannot believe that people can't see Krista's model potential. Perhaps you all have been watching tv too long and want a pretty, girl-next-door girl? Open your eyes, look through a fashion magazine. At least Krista is very typically modelesque. Too skinny, very tall, magnificent skin and very very aware of the manners of her own body.

How hilarious was Alexandra's face watching Angelea on the (plane aisle) "runway"? Like she wanted to eat her. That's not a fat joke. She really looked like she wanted to eat her. And Nigel Barker as Krista turns away at the first judging. Scaaaaa-ry.

And the personal complaining about the racism behind the raw meat comment. Why? Seriously. Are you just really bored?


Although dead eyes. Haha. I have to give you that, Elle Rose...

Star Jonez

When they said ugly pretty would be the theme of the final shoot I thought Krista might pull it through - let's face it, she's th definition of ugly pretty. I was surprised, because I was sure there'd be a spoiler where they flashed back to all her competition wins, but good for her to go all the way.

I think she's one of the only girls in recent years who really might have a chance as an actual model. She's not cute, but she's striking and interesting looking which can be better than pretty for a career (why Jessica was cut). Not to mention, looking at her body next to Raina's, she definitely looks more runway ready. The only barrier might be her age, but I think Krista may be one of the first winners to actually do some real modeling.


Winning Top Model is a bit like winning The Mad Hatter's Tea Party!


I think Krista will do runway where looks aren't necessary the be-all, end-all or they can send her to South Africa like Elite did with Teyona. And yes, I too think Krista and Teyona have a certain resemblance. All-in-all, worst.cycle.ever. ALT was useless, the photoshoots silly, the girls with model potential were all cut at the start of the cycle, sigh. Anyway, Raina has already booked a gig in Dubai and will appear in the Saudi Arabia version of Harper's Bazaar (seriously). Also, if Wilhelmina doesn't sign Alexandra to their plus division, I'll be surprised. She's classically pretty (which is good for plus models) and she's got the best plus body since C5 Diane.

Dan S.

Hosted by imgur.com

I personally got the biggest kick out of Tyra's 'Kneel Before Zod' outfit from the first hour's elimination.

Who knew she was a fan of Terrence Stamp?

Sarah Palin's Donkey Dick

in response to "like if someone messed up a friendship completely and later they ask to make amends a few times, would not giving a final chance be ok. can people find peace knowing that they withheld forgiveness": yes.


Why post that the winner was "ruined" for you? What is the point? Get over yourself.

And the 2nd comment up there makes no sense. At all.


Vanessa M, don't delete it yet, further deepend the anguish by watching until you see Raina's Covergirl shot.


ALT was totally racist during the entire season. Then in the finale it was 3 against one. Clearly Raina's pics were better than Krista's and the majority of their careers will be print modeling. Booo ANTM....


It's funny how Tyra preaches about things like not tanning too much because it's bad for your skin (few cycles back), or how some girls are too old or too short but she never once said anything about how unhealthy it must be for Krista to be THAT skinny. I swear you could practically see her spine through her chest. I know that skinny is "key" in the modeling industry but Krista looked so unhealthy :[


Am I the only one who lost it when Alexandra said she felt, "all Sweeney Toddy?" I think that might become my new Saturday night thing.


I so badly want Clue: Gay Edition. DO YOU HEAR ME, PARKER BROTHERS?!?


Really, does anyone want to see Krista on the cover of "Seventeen"? I think "AARP" or "Field and Stream" would have been a better fit. ANTM has lost its luster, Alendandra so rocked the cat walk on the plane test, her little stewardess bit was cute - but no, drool over Krista. Raina at least could speak during the commercial, Krista stumbles over the words "Cover Girl" and her voice is harsh and high pitched - I would avoid anything she is selling in case what she has is contagious. That fashion show at the end was a joke, Krista looked stiff, greasy wig, angry - and the judges thought she was "playful" - yikes, what was that about?
Krista complained everyone was "fake" but when she was picked I had to mute it out because of how she gushes and sucks up to Tyra, give it a rest. Thank god they wrapped up the Season 14 before it turned into the "Look What Krista Does Now" show. . . sad end to what was once a good series.

Vanessa M

BTW, Rich if you haven't heard Tyra is going to be a novelist now:


Uhm, wasn't Lauren Conrad enough? No wonder the publishing industry is dying. Sniffle.


Mary's post reminded me of another ALT stupid lie.

He claims that Raina seemed like she was reading - gasp - cue cards. When she did her commercial without. And the fact that Krista needed the damn cards was ignored.

Hey Raina, you rocked it and just another example of how you got screwed. Please get the last laugh!


Krista was pretty much the lesser of two evils for me.

Can't wait for the recap, neeeeeed it soon to continue my miserable existence, thanks.


Actually, no one will see Krista on the cover of Seventeen mag because it's always a bifold cover with a celeb cover on the newsstand. Also, I know folks are bashing ALT for favoritism and all but Krista said in an interview that he gave BOTH she and Raina contact info for him and offered to help them if he could. As for Krista being skinny, she and Jaslene are probably the only two winners who the agency doesn't have to tell to lose weight (something Tyra seems in denial about). Everyone else, has been told to lose weight (except Whitney). It may not be attractive but that's what the industry likes.


I can't believe the ugliest girl in the whole cycle won!

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