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Dave, you're awesome. Love your work Rich!


Amazing. As always.


I knew that "Oh Mylanta" thing was from somewhere.

And this: "Why not finish the story of your masturbatory fantasy since you started it, you fucking weirdo?"

*guffaws and shudders simultaneously*


I considered lighting you on fire for missing the Angelea line, but then I realized I'm too addicted to the gifs and can't do without them. Also, I live thousands of miles away.



Rich, great as usual. Who will win? The oldie,the fatty,the tranny or the box. My money is on Tyra.


Entertainment Weekly TOTALLY LEAKED the final two this week in their TV section. It's official -- not even the people who are paid to care about this s**t care anymore.


Did you notice how Raina called Tyra their "fartographer"?
I thought that was pretty accurate. Tyra probably develops her film with farts.


I think Angelea is horrible and I will be very sad if she wins...I hate it when good things happen to rotten people! I was thoroughly happy when Alexandra and Krista were making fun of her and Angelea was getting so upset! That is precisely how she's acted towards half the girls - don't dish it out if you can't take it!
In the spirit of the covergirl lounge..."Go Raina!"



Guy Deluk

I love it all the more because of your recaps - blowjob cycle btw, never seen so many up to now! Lovelove fourfour

Leah C.

This is the 2nd or 3rd time you've done the recap without posting Angelea's photo! I thought hers was really beautiful, and barring usage of shadow and light as was the challenge, I thought it was the best.

Guy Deluk

Oldie cycle I guess, too...


another week, another opportunity to celebrate the genius of tyra banks. i do love tyra-as-photographer episodes, she always lets her natural self-effacing modesty have free rein.


ZI really hope Krista doesn't win, although I know she's going to. You can practically hear the judges' cum bubbles bursting whenever they see any of her ugly ass photos.
The woman is SO unfortunate looking it hurts. NM the shitty personality.


Ahh, love.

Also, Alexandra's shot? Very Myspace. I'm beginning to think she shot it herself and not Tyra.


All I could think of when looking at Krista's photo was swastikas!

(Although I too thought of that music video Rich!)

Anyway, Krista, Alexandra, and Raina are all cool by me, so I'll be ok if any of them win. Krista's been tearing it up, but I'll still be so surprised if she wins. How on earth has there not been "You look so old!" critique yet???


"The Business of Strangers" 4 LIFE!!! They should totally do a shoot where they dress like Ani DiFranco and seduce a middle-aged businesswoman (perhaps Miss Jay reprising her wicked witch shoot?).


"Tell me something I don't know, like how they say Ainulindalë in Inglewood. Holler!"

I did not think I could love you more, Rich. Holler!


I can't wait for Angelea's ungracious exit, either. They'd better have some baking soda handy, is all I'm saying...

Great recap, Rich. And Dave's animations make perfect chasers. They're like beauty supplements!


Angelea will never have an ungracious exit. She's gonna win! Krista's going to be pissed and they'll hate each other even more. Raina will be like Charlie Bucket and Tyra will say, "Well, you were just lucky to be here, weren't you?"


OMG orange stained pillow talk!!!


Krisa cannot fucking win this thing! She looks exactly like Chris Tucker.


Alexandra's picture looked like an Estee Lauder photo in a magazine.


I think to smize, you squint your lower eyelids but hold your upper eyelids open.


I initially read "Inhale the secret, exhale a howl," as "Inhale the secret, exhale an owl." As long as we're calling to mind Tyra Banks' masturbation, they both probably work equally well.

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