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Susie Cotton? Seriously?

I guess Sir Ian was too much to hope for.


your Tyraisms were on fi-yuh!
and I love Dave's gifs


I totally pegged that DJ Tanner rip-off Oh Mylanta thing right away. Probably the least cool character you could steal lines from, Raina. Even Urkel has kitsch value. And seriously, Oh Mylanta? It didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now. Would you say Oh my...Pepto Bismal? Pepcid AC?


Angelea is so stank! Why must every cycle be America's Next Top Ghetto Weave Skankasaurus? Raina is the only one of this bunch that will have a career, provided she gets a curve somewhere on her bod. I even like Krista better than Angelea - and everyone knows that Alexandra has NO shot at winning, we've already had one plus sized winner so that's been checked off Tyra's list of minorities. Is it just me, or is Tyra meaner this Cycle? "I've just crushed your dreams, now give us a hug! You've embarrassed yourself on national television, now go out there and prove us wrong!"


Girl, you a black girl, girl! most amazing text yet!


Your best post yet, I say. The Krista digital art mockup was genius


Rich, as a Kiwi, I'm mortally offended that you think we speak with a "Geeevs eeet a tangy greet, mate!" sort of accent! That is SO TOTALLY AUSTRALIAN, ie absolutely disgusting :P

A Kiwi accent would be more like "guvs ut a tengy grut, maheet".


Your "digital art" wall literally made me guffaw. Nicely done.

Also, your "Wicker Man" banner? Has to be my favorite one ever. Love it.


lol dave s. your GIFS ARE HILARIOUS!!!


Oh my, oh my, how will I EVER get that image of Mr. Jay whispering in bed out of my BRAIN!


I thought Alexandria's picture was 10 times better than Krista's. I'm not sure what they see in her. Jessica's picture was fine in my eyes!! Thought it looked similar to Krista's!!

Vanessa M

You know, I believe I will have to root for Angelea to take this thing although I don't care that much for her. By far her photos are the most interesting of who is left + she clearly provides the most entertainment value. I mean, not only does she own her "in da club/how YOU doin'" walk in her confessional, she re-demonstrates it for us. I have to say though, Krista's imitation wasn't bad.

And after all of the stupid attention-whoring shit Tyra has done in and out of panel on that show, how bullshit were the judge's befuddled reactions about that? Only that nice New Zealand lady could have credibly claimed bewilderment.

Wait-this means Laura and I are both rooting for Angelea? Win!

Goddamn it I hope if they are going to keep that Top Model Lounge shit up, they at least scrap the canned bland dialogue.


Jessica is an amazing girl she should definately try out for America's top model again... she was my favorite. she is real, playful, fun and beautiful...thats not all...she can also pose!!!! people!!!!! she has done some amazing shots...the judges are biased... JESSICA if u ever read this try out again!!!! youre not angelea u'll actually make it !!!!!
AND EWWW KRISTAS personality stinks!!! shes a fake two faced bitch...i dont understand how the judges dont see this...that type of fake attittude wont get you far even if you win ANTM and u fool tyra LMAO fake


Tyra's smize is the only thing she has going for her.. she thinks she owns the world.


"If only after school specials were still around. If only drag queens were writing and producing them."...I SO agree. I love this blog.

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