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May 17, 2010


Deanna Destroi

CHUT UP!!! Rich, my entire goal in life is to be friends with you.


Anyone else notice how they show Nicole only speaking with Krista? Did she ignore Raina?

Krista's face looks Totally like a freakish clown in the ugly-ugly pics


Yea Rich on a laughingly well done ANTM cycle 14 (it is 14, right?) blog. You rule.


Thank you Rich for keeping me cackling with glee at the dreck in this cycle of ANTM.


Your ANTM recaps restore my faith in humanity.

Everyone, to you

Tally hug!!!!

Sue Ellen

Please do everything in your power to do a Sheena/Celia-style chat with Angelea. I bet it's not nearly as hard as I'd think. Don't do it for us--do it for yourself.


Angelea's ugly pretty look = Edward Scissorhands

chaka khan

Thank you Rich :) wonderfully done as always


When Angelea did that hammer dance at the end, i almost cried my eyes out. She was my favourite all season.


Krista looks positively Klingon in one of those pictures, check out the forehead ridges!
This is as bad as the Saleisha fiasco.

UnemployedModel _

Alexandra looks live several Elizabeth I paintings as well as theater incarnations. I loved your posts!

Vanessa M

I was so done with this cycle when I saw Krista was being groomed for the win. I really dunno if I would like Angelea in person but she was by far the most entertaining and stunning. I do the Hammer Dance to break the ice too.

Given that she booked every single go-see tho, I won't cry that hard for her.

Krista, huh. Oh well. It's not like winning this show means anything. Given that she certainly looks as "old" as Celia (that is to say, not to be mistaken for a teenager), this smells like bullshit to me. They even have the same bone structure.


Best cycle in ages, y/y? Filled to the top with ugly, horrible, combative girls. It's as close as ANTM will ever get to its unhinged superior, Australia's Next Top Model.


Oooh, please tell me this thing you're planning is a playdate with Angelea and Winston and that it will be recorded and posted here.


When Laura said, "So, on my cycle, two girls did go home and that feelin’ is awful. It was the worst feelin’ ever. It’s like a horror film!"

I had to pause the show and my husband and I laughed for like 2 minutes straight. Taken completely out of context, that sounds like some made for Syfy movie about a menstruating monster who eats at least two girls per cycle.



thank you so much i wouldnt have survived the first half of the season without you!!!! think the season got better until the end guess because angelea and krista had more and more screentime...

i'd love to see nigel go for anna wintour next cycle and matt lucas to replace both the orange and the black jay (i always forget who is miss and how the mister)

krista. amazing! kortnie. sick! raina. chipmunk! (no cheekbones at all) angelea. fly! flyyyyyyyyyyyy! i want my impala ss!!


You are a fabulous writer!
Ugly Krista actually looks cute in the third picture you posted about her hair. She looks about 15 years old.


Joycelyn Elders! Man, there's a name from the stone age. How do you remember all these people and references? Your brain must be plugged directly into the Library of Congress computer database or something.

Great cycle indeed - insane judges, insipid bitches and inspired recaps. Thanks Rich!
*Talley Hugs*


Wonderful recaps as always, Rich! I look forward to next cycle, only for your recaps, damn this dreadful show!
I do hope Angelea can fulfill her dreams, perhaps booking all of those go-sees is her first step to doing so.
Raina is going to have to lose weight, unfortunately, if she is going to have a career. Them's the breaks.
Alexandra will do just about as well as Tocarra, or even better. Not worried about her at all.
I usually hang with you for the whole year, Rich, not just for the recaps, so see ya around!


Big Talley Hug for Rich and Cycle 14 -- this was a good one. Can't wait for Cycle 15 recaps, which are better than the show itself!


Thanks again for your amazingly funny recaps.

Oh, and I second the interview with Angelea...

Talley Hugs, Rich!

L. Duhon

"two characters separated from puppets only by their lack of felt" LOL! Oh my gosh, I can't wait to use this in conversation. I'll totally credit you though, Rich!!!


"Girls who look like her already have Whitney Thompson, not to mention Bret Michaels, so they're probably good."

I laughed out loud by myself at that. Thank you for brightening my day

Courtney Crave

I really might start shouting, "Talley hug!" every time I see a hot guy, much the way you might shout "tally -ho!" if you see a fox and you are a British hunter. That way he will know even from afar that I'm gay and can figure out what he wants to do about that in relative advance.

That has to be the funniest thing I've ever read. Gonna be a long summer without your updates.

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